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Technology is changing the world in exciting ways, but those who don’t have access to the internet will be left behind. Almost half of South Africa's population does not have sustained and meaningful access to the internet. This lack of access is going to become the biggest obstacle to equality and growth in our country.
Editor: Theresa Muller, CEO, South African Conversations (Pty) Ltd
A much-needed resource for South Africa ... anyone [can] find what they need to improve their lives ... should be in every school ... helps protect every citizen’s right to information. – Lumko Mtimde

Editor: Theresa Muller, CEO, South African Conversations (Pty) Ltd


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Updated on July 11th, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

Only 56.3% of South Africans used the internet in 2020. Internet penetration stood at only 64% in January 2021. This is so, even though 91% of all phones in South Africa are smartphones, used as status symbols without substance because of high data costs, poor or no reception, and intermittent or no electricity supply in townships & rural areas. (;;

How does your innovation work in practice?

We are PRINTING a Directory of non-profit, faith-based, civil society & government resources, services & solutions, making it possible for marginalised South Africans to access information. A teacher could use the Directory to:
Teach, give homework assignments and communicate remotely – even on WhatsApp
Compile lessons for ANY subject, using free, award-winning content from all over the world
Find affordable (or free) computers & solar power to run a computer lab
Start a library
Report corruption & mismanagement at their school
Sign up for free personal professional development programmes
Start a school garden & find solutions to malnourishment in the community
Report child molestation & follow through until justice is served
Help develop an anti-bullying programme
Help students: return to school after pregnancy; cope with depression; obtain a birth certificate; practice digital safety; decide what to study & get funding for it; access learning & earning opportunities after school ...

How has it been spreading?

We're self-funded and need to raise sufficient pre-print orders before we can go to print.
Here's what people have said after seeing the dummy:
"[This book] … should be in every home that doesn’t have access to the internet ... It’s like having access to Google, but in print and tailor-made for South Africa."
"An insanely detailed and meticulous listing to help communities without access to data ..."
"… succeeds in presenting a vast amount of information in an easily accessible way … very relevant in these difficult times … includes up-to-date information on online teaching … invaluable."
"... so needed for South Africa, especially for those in rural and township areas ..."
Future plans: an electronic database freely available on a data-free platform – alongside the printed book.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Take a look at an electronic flip-book with sample pages offering an overview of all topics covered in the Directory, as well as one complete section to see the depth of research as well as style of presentation: (Scroll down below the movie).
Relevant order forms & contact information at the bottom of the same page.


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June 2021
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