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Orientation to class for refugee pupils...

Refugee PUPILS

Marker Turkey
Last year, i had 9 Syrian Refugee pupils in my class. Firstly, I did not know how i will manage this, because i didn’t have experience before. WE MADE DRAMA, PAINTING, SINGING EASY BOTH LANGUAGE SONGS, Games all together. And they feel more relax in the class.

pupils from other lands...


I have been working as primary teacher for 10 years, and never experienced with non-turkish spoken pupils in my class. Though, I have never had kind of education to teach them. Last year, it was first year to work with them, all together with turkish speaking kids!                                                                                     

And first thing, i tried to make a nice atmosphere in the class, because i didn’t want to give pupils each other names as : “refugee, syrian; kurdish, turkish etc.”  And wanted to make feel of each one of them as much as they are comfortable in their homes.

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Intended Outcomes
1 - 18
Age Group
Resources Needed
especially i need to learn how to help refugee pupils, and LGBTI pupils who has discrimination from other pupils and other people.

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