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Training for Parents & special needs teachers in creating learning resources from everyday trash

Recycled Art Classroom Resources for Children with Special Needs

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Often teachers bemoan the underfunding of special education classrooms and parents complain they cannot afford to buy toys and home use learning resources. We carried out training for parents of special needs kids and special Needs Teachers in how to use simple everyday items to create learning resources from items such as bottle caps, string, cardboard, lollipop sticks etc
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Every child can learn~ Jaki Mathaga

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ADAT Foundation's Recycled Art Classroom Resources for Children with Special Needs

What we do? Many Special Needs Classrooms in Kenya and other countries lack the needed learning resources. Parents in Kenya are asked to chip in to purchase these resources  which places unimaginable pressure on their already stretched budgets. To relieve some of this pressure and attempt to ensure that children with various disabilities are taught in ways that improve their lesson retention, we train parents of special needs kids and special needs teachers to make recycled art teaching aids. 
Parents and teachers are also taught how to use the practical aids to not only teach children with disabilities.

Why we do it? We train parents and teachers of special needs children because the success of each child is a team effort and many times the lessons learnt at school need to be repeated at home and vice versa. Our team at ADAT Foundation features some special needs parents and so we know first hand what the burden of lack of learning resources feels like. We treasure each special needs child and want to continue equipping their caregivers and team to support them with excellence and without further burdening the parents.


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