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Reactored is a language learning platform that digitizes the teachers' know-how into personalized learning experience.


Järvenpää, Finland
In Reactored, students can complete courses that are composed by teachers or publishers. The idea is that the learning experience can always be adjusted to support the individual needs of the student. Reactored takes advantage of various types of sensory input and thus always leads you to the right answer. The versatile learning platform supports up to 16 languages.

What is Reactored?

“The best part is that it is easy to use and versatile. I use it in language teaching to create and share my own exercises. Pupils have liked it since everyone can practice at their own level ”

Language teacher, Parola

What do we do?

We develope the best solution for the teachers to create high quality language education through smart devices. With the help of automation and AI we have been able to build astonishing features that can really help the teachers workload in the most meaningful ways. For example you can create interactive lessons from any textual content only in few seconds. Our generator divides the text to words and sentences and  adds pictures and pronunciation samples into the tasks automatically.  

Why we do it?

We are on a mission to help the teachers to achieve the ability to support each student as an individual instead of an big group. We believe that the differentiation is in the core of good learning outcomes and this is one of the biggest motivation behind the Reactored learning paltform.  

The story behind our company started in early 2015 when one of the founders created his first version of our unique learning method called "React to red". It guides students always to correct solutions in all translations and by that it takes away the need of external vocabularies. The first pilot received really good feedback from our test groups and we decided to built platform around it so schools and teachers could really benefit from the idea. 

Currently we have well over 10000 users around Finland and we just started our first step towards internationalization from Vietnam. 

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
12 200
Tips for implementation
Reactored supports learning in 16 different languages There are over 900 lessons for different languages made by professional teachers. 1. Create your account 2. Form a study group for the students. 3. Share the study sets for the group and you are good to go. 4.Students can join the group by code
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