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R2 Innovates

R2 Innovates provides incubator space and resources for staff to engage in research, develop ideas, prototype, and scale promising practices

Using human-centered design and the business model canvas, incubator teams develop innovative products and services which support teaching, learning and the work environment. Teams use feedback and data to scale and sustain their innovations. Learning is documented and widely shared using our innovation management platform.



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Target group
May 2019
"Giving teachers the time to innovate is the best professional development that you can invest in."

About the innovation

Experimenting our way forward

R2 Innovates, an incubator, laboratory and hub for innovation, was created in 2013 to encourage Richland Two staff members to develop innovative practices which support the four district priorities: learning, character, community and joy. We believe that teachers and staff members have great ideas that can bring positive change in Richland Two with the right mentoring, resources and support. The R2 Innovates process identifies teams with great ideas and works with them to put their ideas into actions.

Incubator teams are identified through an application process in the late spring of each school year. Teams make initial pitches of their idea and are provided with a two day workshop to help them further develop their ideas through the human-centered design process. Teams that successfully complete a final pitch are provided with mentors, time to prototype their ideas, time to collaborate with other teams, and financial backing. They also have access to the R2 Innovates hub space at R2i2 for work sessions and team events.

R2 Innovates hosts a variety of workshops and events to facilitate the design and development of promising practices. We use an innovation management platform to crowdsource ideas and showcase promising practices. We also work with partner organizations to provide staff with additional mentoring and resources.

Implementation steps

Get Started!
Our R2 Innovates overview provides a model for developing a school district incubator.

Spread of the innovation

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