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Qoopers - the transformable robot for all robot lovers. Come DIY your own robot!

App Control/PC Coding 6-in-1 Transformable DIY Robot,25extension sensors/kits,Arduino mega 2560 Based,support Arduino/Mircobit/Raspberry Pi

6-in-1 Transformable Robot kit for 10-18 years kids, more than 25types of extension sensors/kits so kids can create different DIY robots; Arduino mega 2560 Based, PC Program with Arduino IDE/Mircobit/Raspberry Pi,App Remote Control, PC software(Scratch 3.0/Python) Coding


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Target group
July 2020

About the innovation

Come DIY your own robot!

Transformable Qoopers - Of course, not only 6 models to assemble, it's up to you. So, unleash your creativity.

What we do?

✔ You can build AT LEAST 6 different forms with our detailed instruction;

✔ Comes with a LED Dot matrix screen that can display different facial expressions and can be programmed as well;

✔ An Ultrasonic sensor that can detect objects and avoid obstacles;

✔ Made of solid aluminum alloy, best quality metal block robotics kit in the market;

✔ You can code it with Scratch 3.0 based graphical coding environment or Python; 

APP control

Meet the Robobloq app, the playground for everything about Qoopers. In the app, you can find assembling instructions for each official form. You can control Qoopers to move, play sounds, make faces, or even act to your programs!

Obstacle Avoiding

Relax and just play! The ultrasonic sensor contributes to an obstacle avoiding mode. You're not going to hurt your Qoopers or your furniture.

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