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Julie Hu

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25+extension sensor/kits for DIY robots,Arduino Uno Based,program by Arduino IDE/Mircobit/Raspberry Pi,App Remote Control,PC software Coding

Q-Scout - Primary School Coding Robot

Shenzhen, China
Your Best Buddy Into The Robotic World; Entry-level DIY coding robot, more than 25types of extension sensors/kits support kids to create different DIY robots; Arduino Uno Based, PC Program with Arduino IDE/Mircobit/Raspberry Pi,App Remote Control, PC software(Scratch 3.0/Python) Coding

Meet Q-Scout! Once a Scout, Always a Scout

✔ Q-Scout is the best entry-level robot DIY & coding kit, super friendly to Children and all-age robotics beginners; 

✔ It takes only 20-minute to build;

✔ You can code it with Scratch 3.0 based graphical coding environment or Python;

✔ Made of solid aluminum alloy;

✔Comes with an Ultrasonic Sensor and a Line Tracking Sensor, featuring obstacle dodging, and automatic line tracking function, Q-scout is fun scientifically with expanding capabilities. 

He is a perfect STEAM toy and the coolest gift for kids, it comes with metal blocks in the box. And kids can build their own robot toy companion. Constructing and building from scratch - that’s engineering right there!

Kids can develop logical thinking ability and problem-solving skills while learning to code.


The ever-growing list of sensors and electronic modules contribute to a complete robot building platform. 

About Remote Control by Robobloq APP : 

Starter kit, no requirement needed. Open and play, embedded buzzer for quick music composing; Smart line track.

Customized Applications:

Create your own APP; Customize widget to meet your special needs; Ultimate control of your own robots.


Drag-and-drop coding based on scratch. Develop attentiveness and determination, multi-subject involved for comprehensive ability enhancement, be ready for an era of AI.

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20-30minitues to DIY your robots, it depends. The standard package includes an Ultrasonic Sensor and a Line Tracking Sensor, featuring obstacle dodging, and automatic line tracking function. With extension kids and sensors for option, Q-scout is fun scientifically with expanding capabilities.
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Julie Hu

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