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Bringing authentic, diverse youth voices to your school community.

In schools, resources and discussions about digital technology, prejudice and its impact on young people's lives are so driven by an adult perspective. PROJECT ROCKIT PLUS brings our youth-centred approach to a digital resource platform that offers hundreds of videos of young people sharing their perspectives on issues for use in classrooms, staff meetings and parent teacher conferences.


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February 2024
A greater emphasis and willingness to see the lived experience of our diverse and creative population of young people in schools used within curriculum and helping shape educational experiences. We need resources that meet young people where they are at and speak to the reality of their lives, in their own voice.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

This innovation responded to student and teacher requests for access to authentic and relatable content developed by young people. Discussions in schools about racism, prejudice and its impact and the way it plays out online is poorly addressed by many existing resource. Teachers have reported richer and deeper discussions when using PROJECT ROCKIT PLUS.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Schools subscribe to the platform that houses videos and a whole suite of discussion activities. These are organised into playlists such as "consent", "body image" or "online abuse". Teachers and school communities are able to copy links to the content and share them across the school community - students, teachers and parents without anyone needing a login. Schools report using the resources in diverse ways - as part of peer mentoring programs, classroom discussions, within health and wellbeing currciulm, embedded into school LMS, sharing with parents after parent teacher conferences and even sharing videos on image-based abuse after instances have occurred in the school to build understanding and empathy around these issues for the whole school community.

How has it been spreading?

PROJECT ROCKIT PLUS is shared with schools that undertake PROJECT ROCKIT face to face workshops, but more importantly, it is provided to regional, remote and low socio-economic schools who otherwise don't have access to our youth-led workshops. In this way, the innovation of the product is being able to get youth voices on issues into schools that otherwise would struggle to get access to these. This is important, because teachers report that getting students to talk openly about these issues is difficult, without the video resources seeing other young people start the conversation. PROJECT ROCKIT PLUS makes that process easier and the conversations more authentic and deeper.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Visit to sign up

Implementation steps

Visit and sign up
Login once signed up at
Preview videos and read study guides
Look at the 100+ available resources using the search options, or available playlists
Share using the "Share Resource" button
Share videos with fellow teachers, students or parents. Embed in your LMS or use for class discussion or to help deal with specific issues within your year level. The "Share Resource" allows you to provide anyone in your school community access to the content without a login or password.

Spread of the innovation

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