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Damilola Fasoranti

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A 'school without teachers', anyone can learn and teach anything for fun and solving problems

Prikkle Academy's Grassroots Makerspace

Afon, Nigeria
An open solar-powered space within the community where children and youths in rural Nigeria can find and freely choose digital, technical and artistic tools to collaborate and create social solutions.

Why Grassroots Makerspace?

Damilola Fasoranti, Founder & Chief Listener of Prikkle Academy
“Education has to be fun, personalized, engage a person's gift, trigger curiosity, set creativity in motion and give birth to unexpected solutions.”

Damilola Fasoranti, Founder & Chief Listener of Prikkle Academy

According to UNESCO, about 10.5 million children are out of school in Nigeria which represents 1 in 6 out-of-school children globally.

Why is it that children get bored in the classrooms, learn nothing and drop out from schools, but they don't drop out when it is time to play?

In rural Nigeria, there is a lack of educational resources to teach, high teacher's absenteeism and the curriculum is so archaic and rigid that it suppresses the creative mind of a child.

At Prikkle Academy, we asked, 'what if we can remove all the barriers to learning for any child, no matter their background, age or level of Education? What if we can allow them to turn the play they enjoy into learning and solving problems?'

Since 2016, we have answered, 'Why not, we are doing just that!' With our grassroots makerspace, any child now has space, the resources (such as computers, the internet, educational materials, etc) and other children to play with, without being judged as too playful.

They are free to create what catches their fancy, they are allowed to 'break and make', freely choose their tools and build what they will be proud to share with others.

At the makerspace, everyone is a teacher and a student. There are no wrong or right projects, everything is for the purpose of exploration and celebrating talents. We want to ensure that location, finance and every other barrier associated with the success of any child is removed forever.

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Innovation Overview
4 - 18
Age Group
1 250
Tips for implementation
At least 2 community youths who are already taking action to solve any community problem. They will eventually become grassroots makerspace managers. A solar-powered physical space (less than 1000 sq ft) donated by the community (basically, have a source of electricity). The Equipment needed to run the makerspace include: Laptops, mobile phones, Internet access, building tools (glue guns, soldering irons, drills, Arduino, etc.) and items that are already condemned as 'trash' Typically, the monthly budget to run the makerspace is less than $250 and it is generated by the participants via sales of their projects and solutions.
Contact information
Damilola Fasoranti

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