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Presence in Education Program

Presence is a training teachers aimed to promote knowledge and habits for teachers well-being

It seeks to assist educators in their transformation in the face of the burnout that affects them and their profesional practice. It promotes habits, knowledge, attitudes and emotional resources as well as strategies for collaborative work, effective communication and social awareness for the implementation of innovations through collective intelligence for individual and community well-being.



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January 2021
"En este curso aprendí muchos saberes valiosos que tornaron mi mundo mucho más maravilloso. Practicar la atención plena me ha servido mucho pues me permitió estar presente en momentos ausentes."

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The Presence Program is an initiative promoted by the Vivir Agradecidos Foundation and it was developed during 2019-2020 by an interdisciplinary team of experts in education, cognitive neurosciences, minfulness and positive psychology. The program has been successfully implemented in 800 teachers and directors in Argentina since 2020 with very good ratings from attendees.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Presence is an online teacher training that promotes knowledge, skills, attitudes and provides emotional resources to attendees for their individual and collective transformation, to manage stress and be able to respond to the complexities of their practice in complex contexts.
Presence is based on the contributions of cognitive neurosciences that enlighten the new ways of approaching teacher burnout and includes scientific advances in its contents and innovative practices that generate new habits.
Presence includes a rigorous evaluative model that allows for ex-ante, process, ex-post and impact evidence.
The modality is online through a specific platform in synchronous and asynchronous classes, in English and Spanish. In turn, in the last instance of training, the attendees participate in an innovation process applying collective intelligence on the Aletea platform, working in Community Response Circles.

How has it been spreading?

Presence began its implementation in 800 teachers from 42 institutions from initial to tertiary level in Argentina. We are currently initiating efforts for its implementation in other countries globally. Our goal is to reach the teaching teams of 10,000 public and / or private management educational institutions in the next 2-3 years.
Presence contemplates a sustainability strategy cooperating with governments and institutions to incorporate these new and necessary contents and practices in the initial training of teachers. In this way, Presence simultaneously promotes initial and continuous training in order to impact an increasing number of teachers and institutions in this innovative proposal for well-being, collaborative work and new ways of innovation in teacher training education.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

The way to access the presence program is given in 2 ways:
- By educational institution through agreements with Governments and / or Organizations
- Individually, for any education professional who is interested in taking the Presence in Education training program.
To access the program and obtain more information contact to info@programapresencia.com


Results emotional scales
Evaluation Presence Program in Education
Presence Program Presentation
Presence Program Presentation
Presence Matrix
This presence matrix functions as the guideline that connects the experiences and knowledge that make up the program. The matrix consists of the unfolding of conscious attention that arises from stopping our everyday rush. When we stop, we can look at our internal experience, our body and sensations, our emotions and our thoughts and, from there together with the intention that arises from looking, we can go on and assume attitudes that connect ourselves with the consciousness of the Interser (interdependence). In this way, the impact we have as individuals and communities within the environment in which we are immersed is evident.
Closing 1st Stage Presence Program 2020
Voces de los participantes - Programa Presencia
Valuation of the assistants regarding the relevance of the program
Survey conducted with program participants in 2020
Description of the Presence Program by Nora Lima
Description of the Presence Program, the motivations that led to its development, why we consider it an educational innovation, the main contents and what is the monitoring device.Description of the Presence Program by Nora Lima
Presentation of the Presence Program
Presentation of the Presence Program by Delfina Terrado and Lorena Llobeneshttps://youtu.be/7VcGBUPdF48
Testimonials extract Teachers / Directors
These are some videos that were shared by the program participants, who finished the first stage.https://youtu.be/x0XI179q-BY

Spread of the innovation

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