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Preparatory leadership for students in the evolving technology and market requirements in DRC

Believing in future youth transformation through computerized education

DRC education system remains in its traditional practices while market opportunities evolve with technology requirements. To equip the students with computer skills shall prepare them to go to universities adapted to the newly established LMD educational system and DRC integration into the already computerized Eastern African community. They shall also be competitive within the region they are in


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Target group
Students basic
March 2023
Students will be ready to use computer while conducting search and communication The bénéficiairies will become more competitive in the region which is already computerized and English speaking. The additional expenses engaged by the parents for computer and english training in the preparation of students to go to university will be drastically reduced

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

As previously outlined the lack of understanding of the need of adaptability to better prepare children to be competitive led our critical thinking of creating this initiative and also to ensure an improvement of education system in DRC specially in Nyiragongo territory where the education level remained very low for decades.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

In the official program or curriculum established by the government I have included computer and English learninh. The contents of the lessons are adapted to the age and level of children's capacity to capture the knowledge. I have identified teachers who enhance the capacities of other teachers (classes principals) so that they can be able to continue practising with students in case those who teach computer and English could not come into their classes. A computer rooms with some laptops and internets was also put in place to help teachers and administration staff as well as students to conduct researches.

How has it been spreading?

Provided 254 students (primary and secondary) classes with computer and English knowledge
The inscription students increased from 254 to 339 students.
In the 2-3 years my goal is to increase community awareness of the importance of computer and English skills in the DRC in the preparation of children to adapt to the new generation development.
The plan is also increase the capacity of computer and expand to the youth living around the school for them to become entreupreuniors using the acquired knowledge.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Conduct need assessment
Advocating for it in the communities and to education authorities
Identifying knowledgeable teachers in the matter.
Start step by step in the gathering the first kit
Establishment of equipment management including securisation.

Implementation steps

Need community assessment
You should consult the existing official curriculum or program of education and collection of information at what extent computer and English skills are provided in school in practice.
Identification of acknowledgeable teachers
Through competitive exercise and briefing on the objective of the innovation . these teachers will help in developing the extra curriculum of your innovation.
Establishment of computer laboratory
Start with the available equipment and rebuilding on step by step
Management of equipment and its securisation
Here is to establish a management mechanism including the timetable of equipment operationality to be followed by the users.
Sustaining the innovation
This could for instance increasing the service to other category of beneficiaries in the community so that to expand the financial resources a part from school fees.

Spread of the innovation

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