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Quizzes are a very dynamic tool for creating learning opportunities, but it´s more effective when students create them, especially if they are accessible to everyone. When we create opportunities for students to help someone they become involved and learn with more enthusiasm. Whether these students are people with special needs or prisoner-students, the social impact is more powerful for everyone
Fernado Pessoa - Portuguese poet - 1888-1935
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Fernado Pessoa - Portuguese poet - 1888-1935


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Updated on June 28th, 2022
about the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

When I started working with people with special needs was difficult to find materials that weren´t childish and were adapted to their capabilities and ages. So I started to make my own digital resources. Students liked very much and were curious to know how these were made. From the moment I taught them how to do it, they had better results because they start to made resources to help other people

How does your innovation work in practice?

It is very simple indeed and it is because of this simplicity that it has been a success. We generally use Power Point to create the materials because it is an application known by teachers and students. We create the templates that have 2 types of links: the wrong answer that makes a sound like “oh oh” or “try again” and the right answer that advances to the next challenge (slide). To make the game more interactive and accessible to everyone, the prisoners created 24 consoles with 2 large buttons made from a recycled keyboard. One button is the TAB key that scans through the links, the other is the ENTER key which makes the selection of the answer.
The students with special needs build resources for their classes or to any teacher that order us. Then they help the teachers with the presentation in the classroom. By creating the resources they are much more motivated to learn because they are helping someone.
This can work with everyone, not only with students with special needs.

How has it been spreading?

I met Paulo Serra in the Global Teacher Prize 2020. Immediately this IT teacher that works at the Castelo Branco prison embrace these ideas with his students
We created the website and held the first online workshop for 200 teachers. Here 2 students with special needs explained how to build a resource to the audience
The project captured the interest of the media with a highlight on the television interview
We ask to both city councils the materials for the inmates to make the consoles and we started a training workshop for teachers in our schools
We invite teachers to order us resources at salaS!Mbiose

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Easy!!! Go to and in the “recursos” tab you will find several resources and templates that are shared for free
Not sure how to do it? No problem, the “recursos” tab also has tutorials where people with special needs explain how to do it
It could be more accessible to everyone if


See this innovation in action

+Power Project – Prisoners develop a console to support learning.
«+Power»: Canelas foi parceira de uma nova ferramenta de aprendizagem - Mundo Atual
Reforço de aprendizagem junta jovens de Gaia e reclusos de Castelo Branco
Reclusos ajudam crianças com necessidades especiais a estudar. “A reinserção é reeducação em fim de linha”
Castelo Branco: AE Nuno �lvares participou no projeto +Power
Reclusos ajudam crianças com necessidades especiais a estudar
Castelo Branco: Agrupamento de Escolas Nuno Álvares participa no projeto +Power
Reforço de aprendizagem junta jovens de Gaia e reclusos de Castelo Branco
Refor�o de aprendizagem junta jovens de Gaia e reclusos de Castelo Branco
+Power: Um projeto para promover a reinserção, a inclusão e o voluntariado — F.L.Y News
Reclusos ajudam crianças com necessidades especiais a estudar. “A reinserção é reeducação em fim de linha” - Renascença


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January 2022
Global Teacher Prize Portugal 2020
January 2022
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June 2019
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+ Power - Tutti Quiz
Is it possible that students with special needs can create resources for children with special needs and his teachers that lives a 100km far away? If people with special needs can do it everybody can do it
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