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“The first letters” is a creative writing workshop-podcast in Spanish, for kids ages 9-14, that can be used as a flipped classroom resource.

Podcast "Las Primeras Letras"

Aguascalientes, Mexico
The first letters (Las Primeras Letras, in Spanish) is a creative writing podcast where 1 teacher and 7 students, ages 9 to 14, talk about language and literature, explore new words and share original writings. In the first season, 11 of the 20 episodes produced were recorded remotely during the lockdown. The podcast comes with suggested activities and can be used as flipped classroom.

Creating readers and writers in Latin America

What we do?

We create opportunities for active engagement in reading and writing, in Spanish.  Seven students and a teacher produce this podcast as a space to talk about language and literature, in a way that is both significative and fun.  

Why we do it?

In Latin America, according to PISA, 50% of all 15 year-olds can't understand simple texts. We believe that our education systems have done a fair job in teaching our children to read and write, but a lousy job in creating readers and writers. We want to change this narrative by creating engaging opportunities to love reading and writing, free for everyone to use. 

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
5 000
Tips for implementation
Teachers and parents can access all episodes on iTunes, Spotify or SoundCloud. Additionally, teachers can request lesson plans and suggested activities (free) at

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