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PleIQ - Smart Educational Solutions for Preschoolers

location_on Santiago, Chile

We create smart educational resources with AR and VR to improve early childhood education.

PleIQ creates smart educational solutions (physical and digital) based on Augmented Reality to improve early childhood education. From smart educational toys to smartbooks, PleIQ provides curriculum-based interactive learning experiences for preschoolers, while providing to parents, teachers, and schools with actionable data to provide a more personalized education.


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November 22nd, 2022

About the innovation

PleIQ - Augmented Education

What do we do?

We develop smart educational resources that combine the properties of the physical and digital worlds, within interactive and adaptive learning experiences.

We combine the benefits of traditional learning resources and digital games using Augmented Reality-Mixed Reality to provide children with curriculum-based learning experiences, to schools and teachers with learning analytics and real-time reporting tools, and parents with personalized insights to provide a more personalized and effective education. 

Why we do it?

Our dream is to contribute to the multiple intelligence developments of a whole generation of children by integrating Augmented Reality into their early learning experiences.

We believe that every child is unique and has an incredible potential, which we could help to develop by improving their early learning experiences, by a stimulus that acknowledges their different learning styles, allowing them to develop their multiple intelligences at their peace.

We believe that is the best interest of every parent, teacher, and all society, to use the best science and technology at their hand to offer our children the best early educational experiences to foster its development and to maximize their chances to be highly successful in today’s tech-dominated world.


Free Interactive Educational Material for Preschoolers

This material contains 20 Print Sheets with Learning Activities designed for Children with ages 3 to 6, mainly focus on foundational skills.

The print sheets are in spanish, but the all the digital content is available in Spanish and English. 

Go to pleiq.com/es/go, download the AR booklet and print it

PLEASE NOTICE: the link will be available starting at March 30th, 2020.

1. Go to this link: pleiq.com/es/go 

2. Fill out the form

3. Revise your inbox and download the material

4. Print it (in color or black and white)

Go to Google Play or Apple Store and download PleIQ's app
Explore the AR learning activities

It's time to learn and have fun! Now get your child to put a hand on the printed material and help him to discover the AR learning experiences by just using the camera in PleIQ's app to trigger the digital content.

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