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Plastic Pollution

With a number of global partners, we are helping our communities recognise the impact of plastic pollution

Each month we are setting our children various collaborative challenges within our schools based on plastic pollution. We have begun by finding out how much people within the community know about plastic pollution through actions such as surveys so that we can then together support our individual communities with joint ideas and actions so that we can make a difference and open eyes and minds.


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December 2018

About the innovation

What is Plastic Pollution

Plastic pollution is a problem throughout the world that causes problems in our towns, cities and oceans because it causes so much harm and so much mess. We would like to work with people who want to explore ways to tackle the problems that plastic brings to our community by getting the children to research alternative ways of using plastic and different ways of packaging everyday items. The project will run from September to April.

Spread of the innovation

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