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Upcycler's Lab

A for profit social enterprise that makes learning tools such as board games for kids that teach conservation and sustainability.

Upcycler's Lab aims to bring about mindset and behaviour change around the environment through play based learning tools such as board games and DIY activity boxes. Our products are mainly for children between 5-9 and teach concepts such as waste segregation, animal conservation and water conservation. Our aim is to create a fun learning atmosphere around environmental education and make it "cool"



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April 2018
Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.

About the innovation

Our Story

Many, many years from now, here’s what we’ll be telling our grandchildren…

Once upon a time, people simply threw away anything they didn’t or couldn’t use anymore.

Back then, children spent all their time on computers and watching TV, and playing on their parents’ phones. That’s all they wanted to do!

Can you imagine what a world it must’ve been!

Luckily, a few superheroes decided to change this and created the Upcycler’s Lab learning tools for kids.

Ok, we weren’t really superheroes, but we had something to do with saving the world!

And back in the present…

What we do:

Upcycler’s Lab is a social enterprise that makes learning tools such as board games and Do-It-Yourself activity boxes for smart, curious, can’t-sit-still-for-one-minute kids age 5 to 7. Our boxes are developed by a team of early education experts, curriculum developers, teachers, product designers and parents.

Ordering an Upcycler’s Lab DIY Activity Box means:

For the children: a few hours of weekend fun, working on different projects that can be done individually or in a team.

For the parents: a few hours of being able to hear your own thoughts.

For the world: a generation with a whole new perspective on waste and environment.

While all projects in our activity boxes are made from up cycled materials and we do focus on educating children about the importance of protecting the environment, that’s not what it’s all about: the activities themes are often related to school subjects such as shapes and patterns, habitats, water and more. with a focus on conservation.

How we got here:

The Upcycler’s Lab is a project of The Upcycle Co. We used to make products for adults, but we realized that we were unable to achieve our ultimate goal: to create a mindset and behavioral change around waste.

It dawned on us that this would be far easier with children, since they are not only more optimistic and willing to learn, but are also able to convince the adults around them to change. This is how we shifted our focus on early education.

To know more check out:

Implementation steps

Get our learning tools
Contact me on to purchase our learning tools to use in your classroom. We would also be happy to share ideas for implementation in the classroom that could be used as a part of your lesson plan. As a parent you could use these tools at home very easily by following our detailed instruction cards that come with each tool. Most of our instruction cards also come with talking points on the sustainability issue covered in that learning tool, as a means to further engage the child in deeper conversation around the topic.
Contact Us to get implementation ideas
Get in touch with us on to get a few ideas on how to implement the tools as a part of a lesson plan

Spread of the innovation

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