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Looking for a way to engage students in STEM whilst increasing student wellbeing?

PLANKS Workshops

Green Hat Workshop have re-imagined block-play, as a creative event that engages students of all abilities. Pioneering play-based incursions for all ages, in Victorian Schools, Green Hat Workshop's PLANKS incursions encourage a wide range of interpersonal skills, mathematics, engineering and design.

STEM and interpersonal skills through open ended block play

Mal Cater, Principal, Mentone Grammar
“Green Hat Workshop's PLANKS Workshop inspired our gifted and talented program. It was great to see students from grade 5 right up to year 11 working cooperatively, solving problems and communicating with each other.”

Mal Cater, Principal, Mentone Grammar

Mathematics, forces and movement, fine motor skills, spatial cognition, iteration and design, structural engineering, co-operative problem solving, interpersonal skills and resilience - Block building integrates all these elements in abundance and preschools, kindergartens and early years centres around the world readily acknowledge the value of open-ended block play.

These elements are not exclusive to early years, they increase in sophistication as learners mature. Green Hat Workshop engages all abilities with a play-based pedagogy, re-introducing the rich learning environments of shared block play to builders young and old.

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1 - 18
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PLANKS by Green Hat Workshop
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Mapping and city building
Building around a friend. Working together these builders are very careful in building their delicate jail.
Friction and Gravity in action
Counter balance
Melbourne Cricket Ground
An attempt at a square based pyramid.


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