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Picture News is a weekly news discussion resource, to encourage children to talk about what's happening in the world!

Picture News

United Kingdom
Through Picture News, children can share their ideas and opinions, listen to others, develop an awareness of current news issues and, most importantly, it gives children a voice. It exposes children to issues, which they feel passionately about. What better way to teach respect than when you have a difference of an opinion with a peer about an issue that you actually care about?

What is Picture News?

“Thank you. Just want to say how fantastic your resources are and the children are so engaged with Current Affairs on account of this!”

Kristine, Headteacher, UK

Each week, a powerful and thought-provoking image and question is selected based around a current news issue. An accompanying assembly resource is sent explaining the news story and includes further questions allowing children to consider the news story in more depth. 

The resource also includes a further two age appropriate resources, which can be used as well as or instead of the main assembly. These assemblies are tailored for different ages, allowing teachers to discuss issues in an age appropriate way. There is also a specific resource for secondary and early years children.

With the assemblies are follow-up activities that can be used in the classroom. Often these link to literacy and numeracy but also other subjects such as Art, PE, History and Science.  

When a child feels inspired by something it can create a drive and passion, unlocking so many opportunities for them to develop skills. We have had children who couldn’t speak out loud in front of an audience, feel so strongly about something that they overcame this fear and did! We have children who want to write letters in order to evoke change and make a difference, children who have learned that they have a voice and their opinion matters, children who are passionate, engaged, inspired and want to learn, children who are not afraid to express their emotions, children who have identified with news stories, giving them the courage to share feelings of frustration, anger or fear, children who learn from their world, children who listen and want to make a difference.

Picture News exposes the next generation to a range of issues. The impact of this is huge. It means children are already considering how their actions may affect these issues and what they would like to do about it. Picture News encourages children to think, challenge and take responsibility. 

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3 - 16
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220 000
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Picture News can be used by any teacher, anywhere in the world, working with children aged 3-16.
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