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The OpenEMIS initiative is designed to strengthen data systems in the education sector. The fully open source software is designed to be integrated, configured and deployed in any education system anywhere in the world. With no licensing or user fees and a growing community of users worldwide, OpenEMIS provides a sustainable solution, positioned to support evidence-based decision making.
Abdulla Rasheed, Principal, Muhyiddin School, Maldives
OpenEMIS has brought radical changes to the education sector.

Abdulla Rasheed, Principal, Muhyiddin School, Maldives


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Why did you create this innovation?

OpenEMIS, an open-source education management information system, was developed to provide a sustainable, low cost EMIS solution to inform data driven decision making in education systems around the world. OpenEMIS software is designed to be generalised and highly configurable in any country context. All community members contribute to and benefit from the continued development of the solution.

How does your innovation work in practice?

OpenEMIS software is freely available for download, installation and use. The software can be configured to a range of education systems, while aligning with ISCED. Technical assistance and support services are available, when and where needed.

The OpenEMIS Initiative is committed to ensuring that there are no licensing fees or user fees for use, ever.

OpenEMIS can be deployed as a ‘traditional’ EMIS - digitizing the annual school census - or as a ‘modern’ EMIS, managing records of staff and students at the school level, serving schools with a management information system and ensuring regional and national education authorities have timely, relevant data to make evidence-based decisions.

The Global OpenEMIS Lab maintains the code, certifies implementing partners and users, and provides service desk support and technical assistance as needed.

Education authorities own and administer the software and data with autonomy, creating an empowered and sustainable solution.

How has it been spreading?

Since the first pilot of OpenEMIS in 2010 (Mongolia), the EMIS solution has spread consistently with new countries coming on board every year.

OpenEMIS is typically implemented at the national level with positive impact in each of their schools.

Currently, there are 31 countries known to be using or piloting OpenEMIS.

In the Caribbean, after Belize began implementing OpenEMIS, the solution spread by recommendation. Spanning from the Bahamas to Guyana, today, the software is used actively in 9 countries in this region.

Several months into the COVID-19 pandemic, UNESCO and Community Systems Foundation partnered to develop the Health and Vaccination Module within OpenEMIS. This aims to support education systems in better monitoring the vaccination status of learning communities.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

An open demo environment is available to anyone interested in testing features and functionalities of the software. Access the demo environment at: using the following credentials: username: admin / password: demo
For any questions regarding the software or the implementation thereof, we invite you to reach out via contact page at:


Achievements & Awards

January 2022
OpenEMIS EGRA Used For Special Needs ReadingAssessments in Kenya
December 2021
MOE Grenada Latest to Adopt OpenEMIS
November 2021
OpenEMIS Featured in Edtech Hub Publication - "Building Blocks" for Education
June 2021
OpenEMIS Health and Vaccinations Module Launched
September 2018
Maldives Launches MEMIS
June 2017
OpenEMIS Logistics Wins All Children Reading Grant
July 2015
OpenEMIS Core v3.0 Released
January 2014
OpenEMIS Used to Monitor Education Opportunities for Syrian Refugees - Jordan
December 2013
OpenEMIS Core v2.0 Released
August 2012
OpenEMIS Core v1.0 Released

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