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If you want to learn and explore to your self than Come and join with Ropada Rps.

Online summer camp activities

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During the pandemic of covid 19 our students stay safely at home. In lockdown we arrange different learning program for kids and make a whats app group. After sometime we want to do some learning and exploring program with students so we started online summer camp activities with the what's app group. We gave 2 or 3 daily task for students and they completed their task in time.
Rps online summer camp activities
Every person is good for something and what is that good thing is to be find out by Learning and management .

Rps online summer camp activities


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Updated on September 6th, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

During the pandemic time we want that students learn and develop their skill with different co curriculum activities. These all activities help them to express their themselves with others.
They can manage all things with the help of their family members and do their group activities and show to their group.

How does your innovation work in practice?

We gave 2 or 3 task in what's app group for which name "online summer camp" to do and set a time to complete them. After than we open our group for all than students share their photos as an evidence and explore to others. We choose best of them and set it as a group icon to encourage them. At the end of the day we fill a Google form with details of How many students participated and new join members, how many completed their task and submitted etc. Even we called for some of parents and students to understand How the camp activities go on. We set our activities with curriculum learning methods playing by learning and we covered languages, grammar, maths, puzzles, Science experiments, History, Geo graphy, G.K, Games, Art, Craft, Skill development, speaking skills, storys, Making best of waste etc. We run this online camp around 150 + Days with 550 + different activities. And around 1500 students accross from nation join with us for the Online summer camp activities.

How has it been spreading?

We connected with more and more members cause of different groups of social media and educational websites. Around 1500 + students and 300 + teachers joined with us and doing for the same. We got National Achivement for the educational Innovation with Zero cost of investment by ZIIEI and got certificate from Central education minister Shree Ramesh pokhariyal. We selected for SIR foundation Maharashtra for this Covid 19 learning activities for students. Still our group is working with the same and now it's known as "EK NAVO AAYAM". Now every year we will set online summer camp activities and explore new things to continue..

If I want to try it, what should I do?

If you want to follow us with face book than Search Rps online summer camp 2020 and follow us. If you want to share your thoughts or want to learn students than join with our Ek Navo Aayam what's app group.
If you have any questions than ask with us on


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