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Teaching online is the technology of the future and the neccesity during this pandemic.

Online Learning In Remote Areas

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The Masai community in Kenya, Africa inhabit areas with many socioeconomic challenges. Most people live in mud- huts. Online learning in these regions requires a different approach. WhatsApp has significant advantages over other online technological tools in terms of simplicity, efficiency, low cost, accessibility and instantaneous access by both adults and students.
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A community that sees value in educating children is one that is paving way to change and development.

Teacher and Researcher


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Updated on October 21st, 2020
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Online learning in remote areas

What we do?

Remote areas are faced with significant connectivity and accessibility challenges that hinder the normal swift online learning that happens in urban areas. We (Beads for Education) overcome these challenges by utilizing community based support.

With the help of Maasai warriors, parents and guardians,  teachers are able to reach  students and make distance learning feasible. The community based support make it easier to bridge the technological gap between urban areas and remote Maasai locations.  With the limited internet connection, WhatssApp enables the transfer of learning materials to Warriors, parents and  students with whatssApp enabled devices.  Our students are divided into two categories; those from extremely remote locations with almost zero connectivity and those in areas with relatively better connectivity. We have measures in place to ensure that each category has access to quality education.  The connection between the students, their parents, guardians and siblings help reach our inclusive goal of education.  

Everyone; teachers, students, parents and guardians have roles in this innovation.

How is WhatssApp effective?

   Used together with Camscanner App- it allows the students to use their phones to scan assignments received via WhatsApp and send to their teachers.
    Group Chat: In groups chat, our students (as a class) engage in scheduled interactions with teachers. Student engage in research projects assigned to them by teachers. They do research individually, later, they present and discuss their findings in group chats. We have five different groups, for grade 9, 10, 11, 12, and one for the teaching staff.
     Unlimited Messaging: Short structured questions are immediately addressed through the unlimited WhatsApp messages.
    Voice notes – Teachers record their lessons on concepts then send to students who are able to reply using either another voice note recording or a text message.

For the category of learners who are in locations with relatively better internet connections; they enjor other WhatssApp provisions such as
Video chats/lessons- Teachers schedule video exchange with students where they hold discussions in their respective subject areas. A teacher schedules for a video conference with his or her students.
    Numerous video clips exchanges as teaching aid to facilitate learning.
    Numerous and lengthy voice notes exchanges

Beads for Education Opened its first high school in 2013. We provide a full scholarship for girls from marginalized Maasai communities and give them quality education from 9th grade through the University.  We are committed to ensuring continuous access to quality education and making girls realize their dreams despite their socioeconomic shortcomings and cultural barriers, as such, during this pandemic, we ensure that our girls continue getting access to school work and their teachers.

Why we do it?

To give learners in the remote areas equal learning opportunities as their counterparts in urban areas.  We also do it to make learning continuous and immune to poverty and pandemic. There is need to protect and continue giving hope to the girls. In Maasai community, girls are subjected to forced early marriages to old men. They are also circumcised in coming of age ceremonies. The society objectively view girls to provide labor and give birth and not to learn and be come successful. Education is the only way that girls can be assured of their freedom. We ensure that nothing and no one closes the door to quality education, not even the pandemic.  We also do it to impart and promote social awareness skills to the girls.

Relationship is key to the success of this program, when teachers, parents/guardian and students are committed, then this innovation is a success.


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