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Believing in the fundamental right of every child to be educated, FXBIS began the community-based education centres for slow learners.

Nurturing Young Minds - Suraksha Education Programme

The Suraksha Education Centres is a gap filling arrangement that strives to improve access to quality education for school going slow learners and those who have dropped out of schools for want of adequate social capital or support systems. Non-formal education by use of culture-specific teaching-learning material, imparting LSE, education through fine arts to ensure basic foundation of education.

What is Nurturing Young Minds - Suraksha Education Programme?

FXB India Suraksha believes in the universal and fundamental ‘Right to Education’. A key focus of all FXBIS programmes is to ensure access to quality primary and secondary level education for every child within its intervention geography. FXBIS runs a community-based education programme called Suraksha Education Centres to facilitate access to quality education to most needy children and acts as bridge to fill the gap in overall education system in the locality. These centers work as a link between the poor marginalized communities and government schools (education system) addressing gaps such as awareness among parents, mainstreaming school dropouts, ensuring adequate academic competencies, improving nutrition, health and attendance to schools and all-round development of children. In addition, FXBIS programmes run Youth Resource Centres to fill the skill and knowledge gap among local disadvantaged youth and facilitate access to better career options. 

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Innovation Overview
1 - 12
Age Group
1 060
Tips for implementation
Through experience of implementing the SECs in 10 states & 1 UT in India, FXBIS has drawn these learnings to successfully implement the education sustainability model for the vulnerable & very needy children : observe and be sensitive to the geo-cultural context, use local language & ask questions.
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