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Blueprints, music notation and maps have changed the world. Our symbol languages break the shackles of words and make illiterate read.

New wordless languages

Uppsala, Sweden
Knowledge is not words. Words suffocate complex knowledge. Like IKEA and LEGO instructions, we don´t tell people; we show. Every human being can understand what to to, how to do it, when to do it and with whom to do it. That doesn´t require words. You only have to make information visible in multidimensional and intuitive ways, which is what our symbol systems do.

Faster learning by visualization

“If one picture is worth a thousand words, then one notation is worth a thousand pictures. (No builder throws away the technical notation for the house he is building for a thousand pictures.)”

Johan Lundell

When you say "I see", you mean that you understand. Seeing is understanding, if you visualize in a good way.

We create new symbol languages to visualize lots of things. And it works. 

From sports to processes, quality, maintenance and lots of fun stuff.

We believe that these insights will cause the next revolution; the visual revolution, where all kinds of information and data will be truly understood, like what blueprints to for CAD data, maps for GIS data and sheet music for music data. 

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