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Neurogarden is an educational service provider and training company operating as a Nonprofit in Jordan.

Neurogarden is a specialized body of scientists, academics and researchers that work together on creating and providing neuro-education programs to better inform care givers, educators and policy makers involved in Early Childhood Care and Education. The aim is to facilitate educational neuroscience and socio-emotional workshops that raises the awareness on the science of early brain development.


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June 2019

About the innovation

What is Neurogarden

What we do?

Our services include a variety of educational experiences that are carefully designed and tailored to provide a model of how neuroscience can be incorporated into the training of early childhood caregivers and educators. We focus on facilitating educational neuroscience courses and socio-emotional workshops along with raising awareness on the science of early brain development - through interactive seminars and scientific initiatives - to ultimately inspire and empower non scientific communities to take charge of their role in optimizing the former years of brain development.

Why we do it?

Early childhood, which spans the period up to 8 years of age, is critical for cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. During these years, a child’s newly developing brain is highly plastic and responsive to change as billions of integrated neural circuits are established through the interaction of genetics, environment and experience. Optimal brain development requires a stimulating environment, adequate nutrients and social interaction with attentive caregivers. Far from abstract background material, the core concepts of neuroscience represent practical knowledge that has the potential to inform teacher practice in classroom settings, as well as motivate students to learn. The goal of bringing neuroscience to in-service teachers provides a new perspective on instruction, one where teachers come to see themselves as designers of experiences that ultimately change students’ brains.

Spread of the innovation

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