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Remote work for refugees


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Na’amal provides the human/soft skills and networks for refugees and other underrepresented communities to access dignified digital remote work by providing a Certificate in Human Skills for Digital Employment (in partnership with the University of Cambridge), interactive virtual workshops and individualised mentorship, in partnership with technical training providers.
Lorraine Charles, Co-Founder, Executive Director, Na'amal
"Companies realise the potential of remote work. Their employees can work anywhere; from home, from a café, or even from a refugee camp!"

Lorraine Charles, Co-Founder, Executive Director, Na'amal


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Updated on February 26th, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

There is a global demand for tech talent, particularly remotely. In parallel companies recognise that diversity in their teams is important. Refugees and communities that host refugees, have talent, yet insufficient local jobs. Na'amal makes the connection, providing the skills to work remotely to talented, yet un-networked workforce, and connecting them to the demand.

How does your innovation work in practice?

Na’amal’s Workplace Readiness Programme provides learners the soft skills to navigate a remote (as well as co-located) work setting. The programme is implemented in collaboration with technical training providers (currently MIT ReACT and Chams) to enable a network of holistic support for refugee learners. Technical training providers implement training in digital skills, such as data and computer science, computer programming, and data analysis, while our language partner provides individualised English language instruction. The collaborative programme culminates in a paid internship with support from a personal mentor to develop professional skills. Through CSR partnerships, our learners engage with mentors who are corporate professionals.

How has it been spreading?

1. Completed training for 20 learners (Syrian refugees and Jordanians) in September 2020
2 Currently
-training 50 leaners (a global cohort) with MIT ReACT and linking to paid internships at the end of the training
-training 45 learners in Jordan with Chams and linking to paid internships at the end of the training
3. Plans
- training 30 learners in Lebanon with Codi (April 2021)
-training 25 learners in Kenya with Finn Church Aid (September 2021)
-continued long term relationship with MIT ReACT to collaborate over the next three years
-continued long term relationship with Finn Church to collaborate over the next three years (after the 2021 pilot) and expand to Uganda
-continued long term relationship with Chams to collaborate in Jordan (funding application pending)

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Contact and/or
They programme can be run with their technical training and Na'amal implement its Workplace Readiness Programme or Na'amal can bring their partners and to implement both soft and technical skills.


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