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My Green Wardrobe : Finding inspiration in the colors of nature, up-cycling and redesign.

Learning how to up-cycle the materials around us and redesign your clothing with creativity and fun.

Through our workshops and educational games, My Green Wardrobe strives to address some of the deepest needs and dreams of children: - Cultivate and grow their creativity. - Environmental Sustainability Over our 5 years of existence, we trained nearly ten thousands of children, over 300 workshops and developed 8 free-lance trainers.



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Target group
May 2021
We are facing the new age of education. My Green Wardrobe is one the solution that encourage students starting to understand the SDGs and act on it.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Petite Mode Studio was founded and incubated in Taiwan’ Social Innovation Lab under the patronage at Taiwan’s Executive Yuan. The Social Innovation Lab inspired Juliette and Shaomin to align Petite Mode Studio’s activities with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The objective of My Green Wardrobe response to SDGs-Responsible Consumption and Production.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

In essence, My Green Wardrobe provides 2 types of experiences:
- Workshops, whether in-person or online
- Educational games
Fashion Design Workshops
a. Sustainable Design: Green design with Parent-Kid
Take one of the international schools in Taiwan- KangChiao for instance, the goal is to design and create kids’ graduation show’s stage costumes.
1. Theme oriented.
2. 1st course-kids sketch
3. 2nd and 3rd courses-the parents join the kids to read and decompose through kids sketches.
4. Provide patterns if needed.
5. Create kids costumes with up-cycled material.

b. Fashion Revolution
The concept of sustainable fashion has been integrated into the curriculum and we encourage students to reuse/ recycle/ redesign.
How to deliver the course?
1. Theme oriented.
2. Up-cycle materials.
3. Sketch and team discussion.
4. Hands-on Activity.

c. Petite Mode Online
1. 16 episodes.
2. Combine Petite Mode studio educational kits.
3. Structure with Global STEAM certificate index.

How has it been spreading?

a. Start partnership with a school (Taipei European School)
Started with one class and expanded to four in two years. We look forward to partner with 2-3 schools in the coming 2-3 years.

b. Taiwan’s Institute for Information Industry (III)
b.1 Application: Figuring with Global STEAM’s stages, we collaborated with Digital Education Institute and developed educational Application that includes: Animations, Design Steps, and AR. Combining technology and hands-on allows us to better deliver and upscale the courses.
b.2 STEAM UP-Power your Skill 2020: We had over a thousand of K12 teachers participated from all over the world.

c. Cross-over with Taiwanese corporations
c.1 Stick’n
c.2 Solrita

d. YouTube channel
d.1 Petite Mode Online
d.2 Tutorial videos
d.3 Product introductions

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Teaching with Technology plus Hands-on activity is the key.
Preschool: Use Petite Mode YouTube channel for audio book, animations, and tutorial. The Goal is to inspire kids to appreciate nature and learn making patterns from its color and shapes.
Elementary: Use Petite Mode studio's APP and Fashion design Workshop kit. The Goal is to use up-cycled material to design and create wearable objects.

Spread of the innovation

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