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Muse is a digital learning app for Math, Science, English and Urdu, designed to help all children excel throughout the primary grades.

The Muse app leverages technology to sustainably improve learning and lesson delivery in low-resource environments. The content is designed for higher engagement, containing contextualized, animated, story-based video lessons, games and quizzes, in three languages. The app can be accessed on phones, tablets, or LED TVs, allowing it to be used by schools of all formats, even in remote areas.


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November 22nd, 2022

About the innovation

What is Muse ?

The Problem 

Pakistan is suffering from a major learning and education crisis, especially in the primary grades. According to a recent survey, a Grade 5 student cannot perform grade 2 level arithmetic and reading tasks (Annual Status of Education Report, 2018). These poor learning outcomes are not just limited to public schools but also to low-cost private schools. Hence, many students are years behind their age-group learning level and fail to develop a strong foundation of Maths, Science and language skills in primary grades. This leads to a high dropout rate, amounting to nearly 37% (Pakistan Education Statistics, 2013-14) between primary and secondary grades. As a result, poor learning outcomes in primary grades is one of the most critical factors contributing to the large out-of-school population. 

The Solution 

In this context, technology can serve as a useful tool to empower students and teachers and augment learning. Muse is a curriculum aligned comprehensive digital learning resource for K-5. Containing over 1500+ resources for Math, Science, English, and Urdu including story-based video lessons, interactive tests, and educational games, Muse is designed to be engaging and interactive.  

At present, Muse is being used by over 125,000 students in 1,000 schools and non-formal learning centers across Pakistan including large non-profit, government and private school networks.

Our vision is to build Muse into an adaptive learning platform so children in and out of school, students with and without great teachers, can learn Maths, Science and languages, and successfully complete primary level education, achieving mastery.

Impact and Results

Across a variety of implementations, Muse’s impact has been the increase in learning gains, attendance on days of Muse lessons and enrollment among students and building of subject knowledge among teachers.

A study conducted in 2019 in semi-government schools found that learners improved Urdu reading by 115% when using Muse compared to other schools, while learners improved Math skills improved by 101% when using Muse compared to other schools.

In a qualitative survey by Coffey International in 2018, significant changes to children’s learning and overall development were noticed after Muse’s implementation. Teachers reported that ‘children developed numeracy and literacy skills, as well as gathered general knowledge’. Teachers noted that exposure to digital learning resulted in ‘children becoming more curious and willing to ask questions. Students also started to ‘communicate better and share their experiences with parents at home’.

 In the same survey, parents said that students were more likely to ‘talk about their lessons in schools on the days when they learned with Muse’. Teachers also responded that students showed ‘more excitement for lessons when Muse was used’. 

The report also showed that a key beneficiary of Muse has been teachers. The survey showed that the teaching aids and supplemental lessons in the Muse application are viewed as valuable by teachers.In the surveys that were conducted as part of the study, most teachers focused on digital learning and the unquestionably positive effect of introducing technology in the classroom to support teaching and learning. 

In 95% of the classrooms where Muse is being used, it is the first tech-based resource that the schools have adopted. In a way, Muse is transforming the classrooms across Pakistan. Through Muse, teachers learn to use technology in the classrooms. 

Spread of the innovation

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