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Alice Machado
Sprouted by culture, entwined by debate.

MUNDO Debates

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MUNDO is an international online debate championship for youth between the ages of 13 to 20 years old, with discussions based on the UN SDGs. Being a youth-led initiative, it is a place for youth to share their voices, building interactions between the diverse cultures of the world, and stimulating connections among young people while searching for viable solutions to global challenges.
Ruhan Anjan Kartik, MUNDO organizer
“Debate empowers, but just like laws, we need to transform arguments into action. ”

Ruhan Anjan Kartik, MUNDO organizer


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Updated on November 19th, 2021
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Why did you create this innovation?

Being debate enthusiasts, we, two Youth Ambassadors, wanted to provide a space for youth to share their voices through multicultural conversations during this time of instability. Through intercultural debate, we hoped to bring discussions and connections together to inspire youth to seek solutions to global challenges and take concrete actions.

How does your innovation work in practice?

MUNDO organizes debate championships online, but we hope to expand it to MUNs. Our discussions are based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, meaning they are focused on solution building. MUNDO focuses on youth between the age of 13-20.
Young people can sometimes have intercultural dialogue aplenty but lack a deeper connection. Our goal, therefore, is not only to provide youth with the opportunity to share their perspectives and understand others but also to defend their opinions through concrete argumentation, building their elocution, and stimulating critical thinking. Participants are placed in teams with youth from around the world, with whom they co-operate during the debates, giving them a holistic experience. The championship follows an adaptation of the World School Debate Format. And debating a motion related to an actual global challenge, Proposition and Opposition compete. The teams bring their discussion into action in the form of small projects. We debate to create!

How has it been spreading?

During these uncertain times of COVID-19, organizing physical debates (the form which many believe is more effective) is a far-off dream, but that is nothing to stop the spread of something so vital to the expression of youth and student’s voice. Social media plays a large role in the life of many millennials, and so does it in the life of MUNDO debates. We have been able to reach out to people on every continent, except Antarctica. Youth who have participated, pass on our goal and their experience to others, and the spread of our innovation has been along the line of youth with a global interest. We may not have a large number of users yet, but what we do have is, users with true passion.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Interested educators can contact us for a step by step guideline for implementing MUNDO debates. We can help connect schools globally, connecting with international participants. Check out the quick instructions at the bottom for implementing the championship immediately in your school or community. We can help you at any point and encourage you to offer this great opportunity to your students.


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October 2020
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Inspired to implement this? Here's how...

Find a group of enthusiastic students
We highly suggest for your debate championship to be a youth-led movement. You can unite some of your colleagues or/and students to create a committee that will compose the organization of the whole event.
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Start structuring your debates
Your debates should be organized, having a clear model.
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Connect and share
Start connecting with international attendees to create a global foundation for intercultural discussions, having people with different backgrounds, opinions, and experiences.
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Finding judges
To make things a little more interesting and stimulate healthy competition, the MUNDO team is also formed by amazing people who judge each round of our debates.
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Organize and divide to unite
Once you have shared your project and have all the participants (make sure to include both local and international students), it is time to set up your first debate by starting to create teams!
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Planning your first discussion
It is important to define a motion, offer study guides, and decide which teams are going to be debating against each other. It is also time to choose who is the Proposition and Opposition during the first round.
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