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The future of Student Well-being

Experience FREE Trial of ‘Live-Action movies meets Choose Your Own Adventure’ for Students’ Well-Being! Prepared to be wowed by the #1 Well-being and PBIS Video based Learning Platform 🚀 moozoom is the #1 Student Support tool that offers : 🔥 Live Action movies featuring REAL kids dealing with REAL challenges 🔎 Behavior improvement within 60 days and much more, all in one place!


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Target group
Students early
October 2022
Let us together build a world where kids talk to kids about issues that matter the most to them, and let them learn how to manage their emotions from each other. This is the future of SEL!

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

I created moozoom after facing a life threatening mental health challenge with my daughter. Although there are many programs out there, I was frustrated to learn that they were neither easy to implement nor adapted to reality. Wanting to solve these two problems, I created moozoom - an innovative “kids talk to kids” platform set to revolutionize SEL implementation and efficiency across the world.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

moozoom leverages the power of story-telling – the oldest teaching technique – to provide the first trigger to students and let them choose how they’ll react to a challenging situation.

Based on Explicit Instruction strategy, moozoom creates engaging videos where kids can choose & create their own stories. The platform is packed with tons of interactive tools & resources for teachers which are built by psychologist and educators based on already validated scientific facts and SEL fundamentals.

We are also 100% aligned with integrating and referencing to all of 5 CASEL competencies.

In addition to that, since implementation is a crucial aspect and the biggest challenge when it comes to SEL program, we also developed and tested an implementation practice in collaboration with the ctreq.qc.ca to ensure we can bring expertise in that matter too

How has it been spreading?

Since its inception, moozoom has successfully helped educators in elementary & middle schools transform their classroom with innovative resources. We launched our french platform in March 2020 and currently it is used by 600 schools in Canada.

With our mission to spread moozoom across the globe, we launched our English platform in May 2021 and as of July 2021, we have impacted more than 30,000 students with cumulative student SEL activities submission at 132,760!

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Please visit our website www.moozoom.com to learn more about our approach. You can book a demo with one of our representative from the website or simply sign up! It's that easy :)

When you sign up (we don't ask for any credit card information), you get full access to our free module with upto 6 weeks of interactive content & other interactive resources.

Implementation steps

Contact your moozoomer

Contact us at sales@moozoomapp.com to get more information on how can you implement moozoom in your local community!

Book a demo

A demo is an opportunity for us to learn your SEL challenges and for you to learn the best of moozoom's tools & resources.  To Book a demo, please click here.

Sign up for Free

Simply add your email id to sign up! Its that easy :) We don't ask for any credit card information. When you sign up for free with us, you can full access to our free module with 6 weeks of interactive content + interactive resources. Our free module is the best way for you to experience the magic of moozoom. To sign up for free, click here to register.

Spread of the innovation

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