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An online structured movement curriculum & video resource focusing on the physical development of early learners & those with special needs.


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MoovKids supports the development of the fundamental movement skills which every child should master by the age of 8. This structured ready to use curriculum and instructional video resource with search options is easy to use & implement. The physical ability and well being of children is noticeably deteriorating. The teaching of meaningful movement skills has never been more urgent.
"Give children the opportunity to move, and all else will follow!"

Darlene Koskinen


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Updated on April 18th, 2021
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Why movement is essential in the early years and how it effects a child's development thereafter!

How we do it?
MoovKids provides a customer three purchase options.
MoovBasic -  Access to the activity video resource and two search options where activities can be searched according space, equipment, skill focuses, group type and more. Necessary important information such as activity type, activity benefits, group type, equipment, safety tips & more is provided. Every activity video is accompanied by 2 narrations, one adult directed and one child directed. The children can watch other children doing the activity and hear me inspiring them to do it well. This option is suitable for countries where knowledge of the English  language is not strong.
MoovComplete - Offers the activity video resource as well as a ready to use curriculum with each lesson having a specific purpose or goal. Comprehensive instructions, activity saving features, three levels of teaching suggestions, the option to create own printable lesson plans,  a note saving feature as well as a group specific dashboard are all provided in this option. MoovComplete is suitable for teachers who would like to have a curriculum to follow and the freedom to create own lessons and documentation. MoovKids is also suitable for after-school programs, for Home-schooling program or for someone who may want to teach movement as a side business.
Moov@Home - Kindergartens who are using MoovKids have the option to have a parent log in as well. This has many benefits. Firstly, if a child is struggling in a specific area, for example with balancing or catching a ball, the parent can be notified, the activity details given, Moov@Home accessed, and the repetition and support can be continued at home.
Secondly, children can be given "MoovKids movement homework". This encourages repetition of purposeful movement skills at home, and supports a child's physical development and physical self-confidence.
The above requires parents to be actively involved and engaged in their child's physical development and allows for parents to witness their own child's physical ability and to witness their progress as they practice more. MoovKids enables families to move more and provides opportunities for meaningful quality family time. 
Every activity in Moov@Home has a teaching suggestion, offering a  way to be creative and how to improvise if needed were equipment is concerned.
Our MoovBasic option
On-line Movement Learning - MoovKids is especially suitable for online learning. Teachers can facilitate the watching of the videos by having the children sit close to the screen to watch the video. During this time, the teacher can point out specific points to aid the success of doing the activity. On instruction, the children then do the activity while the teacher verbally guides and supports. Verbal interaction and self evaluation can be included.

The MoovKids program incorporates the use of simple hand-held equipment such as balls, beanbags, hoops and ropes. The activities are fun to watch, easy to implement and the more the activities are practiced the more competent and confident the children become. The goal is to support the development of the fundamental movement skills that every child should have be the age of 7.

Why we do it?
More and more children are experiencing learning and concentration difficulties when it comes to more focused academic learning. Sadly the lack of exposure to movement skills in the early years is often the reason why. It is in the early years that children's brains are optimized for learning, this is when a wide variety of movement experiences should be provided to ensure neural connections in the brain are formed. The quality of teaching and repetition of these experiences strengthens the newly created neural pathways.
Movement also supports the development of self regulation, this is an area that most occupational therapists are increasingly having to deal with. In addition, children are becoming obese at a young age, the more obese they become, the less they move, their well-being deteriorates as does their self-confidence and this continues to affects their lives as adults .
Every parent or teacher should want the best for their children, meaningful movement activities taught well and implemented often, supports a child in becoming the best they can be, both physically and academically. However, it is the adult show must inspire the children to move. Moovkids is a valuable support tool to help adults, no matter their field, to achieve this.

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