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Learning languages the natural way – through play!

Moka Mera Lingua

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Welcome to the world of Moka Mera! Moka Mera Lingua is a fun and creative way for children to learn new languages the natural way – through play. The Moka Mera Lingua application is free and safe for young children. Developed in cooperation with teachers, kids and researchers from the University of Helsinki, Moka Mera Lingua is based on the Finnish method for early childhood education.
The best thing about Moka Mera Lingua is the insightful way in which it combines positive drivers for learning – caring, helping and interaction – with fun!



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Updated on February 23rd, 2021
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Welcome to the world of Moka Mera!

Moka Mera Lingua is a pedagogical and playful language application for children at the age of 3 to 7 years that everyone can download for free. Children who use the application can learn 8 new languages in a natural way while they play with nice characters and minigames. The languages available are English, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Russian, Arabic (Levantine) and Chinese (Mandarin).

Moka Mera Lingua is developed in Finland and is based on the Finnish method of early childhood education. Moka Mera Lingua was created in collaboration with educators, researchers, and children. In Finnish-Swedish slang, "Moka Mera" means Mess Up More!

Research has shown that early foreign language learning supports problem solving, critical thinking and listening skills, improves memory and strengthens concentration. Children who have learned a second language at young age even show signs of greater creativity, mental flexibility and better writing, reading and counting skills.

With cute characters and various activities and minigames, the application ensures that kids stay entertained while learning a foreign language naturally! The application contains no text at all, so there is no need for the child to know how to read.

The pedagogy is based on the concept of ”learning through play” — a scientifically proven concept of learning where practice is combined with play in order to ease the child’s learning process. Moka Mera Lingua has no beginning or end. Children can play and explore the contents in any order, which corresponds the way small children interact in a digital environment.

Moka Mera Lingua has two characters, the shark Atlas and the tiny monster Moka Mera, who speak different languages. You can choose the desired language in the language selection menu by selecting the language the child wants to learn and the child’s mother tongue. You can combine languages in all conceivable ways. Children learn everyday words, meanings, intonation and pronunciation. 

We take your child’s privacy seriously. The application is safe for children, which means that it doesn’t collect any information or usage data, contain any advertisements and you can’t make any purchases in the application. The application works offline and no Internet connection is necessary.

The application is produced by Moilo, a creative company with a mission to enhance children’s development and cognitive learning. 

Download the Moka Mera Lingua application for free at the Google Play Store and the AppStore.


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