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Mind Full or Mindful?

Mindfulness in the Classroom

Pittsburgh, PA U.S.A.
Creating calm, managing stress, and promoting teachable moments through reflection are just some of the techniques North Allegheny School District teachers and staff members have implemented with students. The District recognized the stress students feel and thus focused on creating positive, happy, and healthy learning environments by incorporating mindful strategies in K-12 classrooms.

Plugged into Mindfulness

“I think that the training provided by the District was GREAT and has given me a new perspective, not only for myself, but also for how we can impact students in a positive way.”

North Allegheny Teacher

Plugged into Mindfulness is a program that was collaboratively developed by the leadership of North Allegheny School District, Healthy Body Peaceful Soul LLC., and a core team of district educators to support students and teachers with managing the stresses that come from daily modern life. The goal of this work was to create a program that could be used by staff members for their own personal use and to incorporate mindful practices in their work with students across the District. This program was designed to educate individuals on the history and science behind mindfulness, as well teach a number of simple techniques and strategies. These practices focus on developing attention skills, resiliency, social emotional outcomes, and ultimately stress reduction. These tools were first shared with all staff members throughout the District in the hopes that adults could begin using these strategies to positively affect their own health and wellness.  The focus then shifted to how could these strategies be incorporated with students across all grade levels.

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Innovation Overview
5 - 18
Age Group
Tips for implementation
Educators can immediately implement mindful practices into their classroom procedures. Mindful practices do not require any special equipment or space - just a willingness to be present. Teachers can learn from from individuals or organizations who are well-versed in these practices, such as Healthy Body Peaceful Soul, LLC . There are also a variety of print resources available to help you get started.
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Mindfulness in the Classroom - Sarah Deer
Mindfulness in the Classroom - Courtney Geary
Mindful Practices in the Classroom - Courtney Geary
Mindfulness Poster for High School Classrooms
Mindfulness Poster for Middle School Classrooms
Mindfulness Poster for Elementary Classrooms


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Learn It.
Learn how to understand and engage with the process of being mindful. Mindfulness is what you are doing right now. Paying attention to just this moment. Just these words.
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Live it.
Mindful practices can be used in the moment to help individuals deescalate from a stressful situation, but they are best used as ongoing practices that have been shown to reduce long-term stress and improve cognitive functioning.
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Teach It.
Learn how to teach mindful practices to students in ways that are comfortable for teachers and that students enjoy.
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Embed It.
Make mindfulness a part of your school by incorporating mindful practices into your classroom and school-wide routines.
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