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Mentes Sorridentes is a non profit association delivering Mindfulness to schools in a systemic approach

Mentes Sorridentes

Lisbon, Portugal
Mentes Sorridentes has a very simple mindfulness approach. With our process, teachers and students (5-17 years old) become less stressed, less anxious and more focused. We have a medical-scientific approach with proven results. Our programme is a 1-3 year approach in a b-learning format, that in time will be part of schools DNA. We are making minds smile for more than 5 years! Breathe with us!

What is Mentes Sorridentes?

Our mission:

We stimulate mental training through a set of tools that contribute for the development and strengthening of a healthy mind.

Our process is simple, different and with a medical-scientific approach. Our simplicity comes from the fact that we need to apply it only a few minutes a day and the whole process can be delivered in a b-learning format. The difference is related to the socio emotional skills that can be developed in children (starting at 5) up to 17 years old and also adults; and the fact that we hold local accreditations. The medical-scientific approach comes from the fact, that we adapted the programme and have results from our local reality and because we have established a network of contacts with local hospitals to allow better patient management when necessary.

Our vision:

We strive to contribute for the development a more conscious society and with healthy minds through the implementation of our programme in more schools and in the curriculum

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
1 000
Tips for implementation
Check if there is any room/space available, check support from the school director, build sponsorships/partnership towards the project sustainability and scientific credibility, through the staff and methods. Pick up a small group of students to perform a pilot, previously train teachers.
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