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Mental Health Mentor

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"Nurturing Minds, Shaping Bright Futures: Together for Mental Health"

In today's fast-paced world, young minds face mental health challenges. Traditional ways fall short in engaging them effectively. Our solution fuses education + entertainment to make mental health engaging & relatable. We empower young minds by building a emotionally resilient future. Its not just addressing a problem, it's sowing the seeds for a positive, mentally healthier future generation.


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Target group
Students upper
November 2023
We wish to have global youth exchange programme with the similar program design and eventually create a traveling mental health fest / carnival across India and globally.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Traditional methods fall short in engaging them effectively. Our solution fuses education with entertainment to make mental health engaging and relatable.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Our innovation is a unique and creative approach where it fuses mental health awareness education with entertainment to make mental health engaging, fun conversation and relatable. People come for theme based entertainment purposes and that's when we hit the conversation on various topics on mental health.

How has it been spreading?

It's one of its first kind in entire northeast part of india. Due to its unique properties, our work has been covered by various news and media platforms as headlines. Now it's more impactful and mature design that's reaching out everywhere.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

You may begin with open mic platform based on mental health theme. Allow talents to be performed relating to the theme and have a guest speaker from the discipline of psychology for testimony based speech and connect the audience with the service providers.

Implementation steps

Selection of theme based on mental health
Brainstorming themes like body positivity, mental health, anxiety, depression, suicide prevention etc. Usually focused on young people.
Connect with Psychiatrist, Counselor, Therapist, P
Invitation to atleast 5 professionals and debriefing them about the aims and objectives of the program and the design of the program.
Connect with cafe, restaurant, college or schools.
The purpose is to get them as partners for providing the space where we can do the event. It's a win win approach where they get advertising and we get to conduct our awareness event.
List down program details (Performance)
Through our social media platforms we spread the information and flyers to educational institutions, along with the forms registration link. List down the activities/talents to be allowed based on the space available.
Media coverage and News channels
1- We connect the participants with our social media handles and ask them to share their videos+ videos for collaborative posts where they also feel part of cause. 2- We give a report to our local news platforms for more awareness covered.
Connect with professionals
We make sure to have takeaway information like business cards, flyer etc So that the audience gets connected with the service providers in the area. In other words it works like a promotion for the mental health service providers and people gets rich information about the services available.

Spread of the innovation

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