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Hundred 2019
Pre-professional education in Moscow - Education for life and the future.

Medical Class in Moscow Schools

Marker Moscow, Russia
Medical class in Moscow schools is an educational project that creates the conditions for school students to acquire skills for studying, life and work in the world of today and provides career counselling in the field of medicine.

Medical class in Moscow schools


Medical class in Moscow schools educational project creates the conditions for school students to acquire skills for studying, life and work in the world of today and provides career counselling in the field of medicine. The main result of the project implementation is preparing competent medical specialists who are bound to be in demand on the modern labour market.

The cooperation is based on trilateral agreements between schools, universities and medical institutions. In medical classes students master pre-professional skills in first aid techniques, basic medical manipulations information medical technologies and conduct research in molecular biology and medical engineering.

Pre-professional courses:

• Basics of telemedicine

• A step into medicine

• Biotechnology

• First aid techniques

• Human physiology

• Modern laboratory diagnostics

• Health and environment

• Latin for medicine

• Basics of pharmacy

• Biophysics

• Basics of medical genetics

• Medical geography

Professional development programmes for teachers

• Methodology of solving biology and chemistry problems at higher and advanced level

• Health-saving technologies in the educational process

• Medical helminthology

• Methodology of conducting experiments, processing statistical data and interpreting the results

• Organic nature of medicines

• Medical protozoology

Extracurricular educational programmes for medical class students

• Introduction to medicine through research experience

• School for future specialists in the Internet and 3D technologies application in medicine

• Introduction to medical profession: patient care and medical environment safety

• First aid techniques for injuries and traumas

• A step into medicine

• Extracting DNA from biological tissues

• Ways of using medicines; injections

• Ethics and deonthology of medical staff

• Modelling enzymopathy of digestive system

• Practical clinical educational diagnostics programme

• Young surgeon’s school

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Intended Outcomes
14 - 18
Age Group
Resources Needed
Schools with unified educational space (integrating hi-tech training equipment and professional tools represents an example of a modern doctor’s workplace). Medical universities (Sechenov University and Pirogov University) Medical institutions (>50)

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