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Making preschool STEM education accessible, affordable in Vietnam

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Bringing digital literacy to millions of preschoolers in Vietnam, the affordable way

KidsEdu is Vietnam's first preschool STEM curriculum that is validated by STEM.org. It aims to bring digital literacy to millions of preschool children, with focus on computational thinking and robotics. KidsEdu makes it possible to deliver preschool STEM program at fee as low as USD 4/student/month, by: localizing curriculum; sponsoring STEM labs; supporting preschool STEM teacher development.


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December 2023

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Preschool STEM classes used to be only for kids of well-off families in big cities in Vietnam, costing VND 300,000 (USD 13.00)/student/month. We want to bring STEM education, with focus on digital literacy, to millions of preschoolers in Vietnam, in an affordable way.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

KidsEdu now makes STEM classes affordable to preschools everywhere in Vietnam with fee as low as VND 90,000 (USD 4.00)/student/month, by: i/ developing a highly localized curriculum; ii/ sponsoring upfront cost of STEM labs (KidsEdu invests in STEM lab setup for kindergartens; kindergartens repay in a interest-free monthly fee); iii/ establishing teachers’ training partnership with Int’l STEM Association and sponsoring PD for preschool teachers in remote areas.

How has it been spreading?

Since April 2023, when the KidsEdu STEM curriculum was approved by the Vietnam Institute for Educational Sciences, we have provided over 3,000 preschool teachers in 6 provinces with full-day tuition-free training in new approaches to STEM education for preschoolers; provided (at base cost) hundreds of STEM and robotics to kindergartens in these 6 provinces; shared over 50 originally created, free-to-use STEM activities for kindergartens (including Augmented-Reality enabled activities).

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Please contact KidsEdu team at: kidsedu@kidsedu.vn (email) or call our hotline 1900 0362 (in Vietnam only).
Compilation of free-to-use STEM activities and lesson plans (in Vietnamese language) is available for download from the "Resources for Teachers" section on KidsEdu website: https://kidsedu.vn/index.php/8-2-3/

Implementation steps

How to make use of the KidsEdu STEM curriculum in your kindergarten
First, contact KidsEdu team for intro of the KidsEdu STEM curriculum approach, design, prerequisites, mapping to kindergarten's current curriculum. Step 2: KidsEdu provides teachers' training and sets up STEM lab in your preschool. Step 3: Teachers use the online KidsEdu STEM teaching hub for weekly STEM activities and projects Step 4: KidsEdu provides on-going support; organizes regional, nat'l preschool STEM meetups, friendly competitions; sponsors outreach to rural kindergartens

Spread of the innovation

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