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Harnessing the power of games in learning

Have you ever found yourself playing a game when you have nothing to do? For example in a bus or when waiting for someone? We think this is a superpower that can be used for learning. Loru Games offers a curriculum-independent gamified learning platform that can be used for versatile needs. The teacher can create the question sets or choose from the sets made by others.



HundrED shortlisted this innovation

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July 2023
Games are a big part of the new generations childhood. Schools can not and should not avoid the world of games. The best way to connect teachers with this world is to offer them games that are under their control!

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

This started with our people, who have background as educators, noticing how much people play games nowadays and that students do this also during the lessons. And many teachers can get frustrated because of this. Our vision is to combine games with learning and get the students to be motivated with drilling exercises.

How does your innovation work in practice?

On our platform, people can play similar games as they are used to, but now instead of just playing as a pastime they will also learn. Everyone can find a game for their liking, and as long as they are in the same virtual class, they will get the same teaching content. Many teachers have used our platform and recognized its benefits. Loru works best with tasks which require repetition, for example Mathematics or languages.

Loru can be used with a computer or cellphone but it’s optimized for Chromebooks, as many schools in Finland use them in education. The teaching content can be made by anyone and all content can be shared with everyone. This way you don't always have to make up your own content, but use something that your peers have already made. There are possibilities to set tags or subjects for specific question sets in order to help finding the most suitable set.

How has it been spreading?

In the beginning our product was quickly adapted by tech-savvy Finnish teachers. Then word of mouth began to spread, and with social media enabling us to reach across teachers the globe we got some traction abroad.

For the last couple years we have updated and developed the platform while at the same time spreading the word around through social media. For the next 2-3 years we will polish the product and put all of our effort in user acquisition. The use of Loru Games has spread quite nicely around the globe and we have for example a recurring userbase in Texas school districts. We have also been listed in some social media sites that gather useful online tools for teachers.

Multiple user stories confirm that we have succeeded in creating a tool that offers value for teachers.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Loru Games is free to lear. Anyone can sign in and make question sets on the platform and start using it.
Head over to lorugames.com:
1. Sign in with Google
2. Go to the Teacher portal
3. Create a question set or pick one from the other users
4. Assign the set to a class (you can create a new one when selecting to use a set)
5. Invite students with the class code
6. Let them play and learn!

Implementation steps

Sign in with Google account
Go to Lorugames.com and sign in with a Google account
Choose an existing question set
Choose any question set available and press "use"
Creat a new class
Create a new class
Choose the class
Choose that class and press "ok"
Share the code to students
Share the invite code to the students and let them play&learn. They can play with or without Google account. With an account student can monitor their own learning. With a Premium account teacher can also monitor their students' learning.
Start making your own learning content
Make your own question set if you can't find one suitable for your needs.

Spread of the innovation

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