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With LiFT, you measure what really matters, and ensure all learning counts.

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Education is evolving, and educators need a learning platform that can evolve with them. Our mission is to empower youth by providing technology and support to educators building learner-centered systems. We’re accomplishing this by providing LiFT, the digital platform that elevates the educational experience with collaborative project-based learning and competency-based portfolio assessment.
Andy Calkins, Director, Next Generation Learning Challenges
“We view LiFT as an exemplar among software solutions supporting school transformation through project-based, inquiry-oriented, agency- and collaboration-building online environments.”

Andy Calkins, Director, Next Generation Learning Challenges


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Why did you create this innovation?

Within a year, most new or redesigning schools will fail to implement their models and deliver the promised outcomes. They have vision, budget, talent, leadership, a plan, support, enthusiasm and determination.

Why do they hit the wall? The tech they're using.

LiFT® is the agile tool that meets schools where they are, and gives them the power to achieve the transformation they envision.

How does your innovation work in practice?

LiFT® enables schools to confidently implement learner-centered models through a flexible, customizable, iterative platform architected specifically for learner agency, competency-based environments.

The LiFT team works with schools to curate a customizable skills framework aligned with their instructional model and assessment practices. The LiFT platform connects real-world projects to interdisciplinary, personalized skill portfolios allowing learners and educators alike to curate and rate a body of evidence against customized assessment criteria.

With LiFT’s unique features, educators are able to scaffold and differentiate each learners experience to meet them where they are and provide the support necessary to bring out their full potential. True learner agency and ownership is the outcome.

“LiFT is a very helpful tool to organize and pace projects. It helps students understand each step of a project, organizing evidence of learning, and learning to pace themselves." - S. Moore

How has it been spreading?

LiFT’s roots are in the classroom. The platform was created based on the needs of the co-founding educators in small-town VT where marginalized and under resourced youth were disengaged from their compliance-oriented model of education. Once deployed, the effects on learners and their learning environment were palpable.

Through grassroots efforts, LiFT’s community of innovative educators and schools has grown and is now being used in schools from coast to coast. LiFT’s impact has been featured by organizations such as NGLC and Transcend Education and supported by pioneers and thought leaders throughout the PBL and CBE movement in the US and around the world.

Join the movement.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

The LiFT team is driven by impact, the more schools and school leaders contributing to learner-centered systems, the better.

Schedule a demo with Joey Lee, our Chief Learning Officer, here:

Just want to chat? You can also schedule a 15-minute consultation to see how LiFT can help you realize your vision.


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