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Learn Today - Colegio Alberto Blest Gana

place Chile

Creative learning for the 21st century

Colegio Alberto Blest Gana is a publicly-funded K-12 school in Santiago, Chile. The school is located in a district/municipality called San Ramón with high-index of vulnerability, which means most of the students come from low income homes qualifying for additional state funding. We are an integral, comprehensive and holistic school with a strong focus in STEM, entrepreneurship and socioemotional.


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June 2022
Fabián Ovalle Gómez

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Education needs to have a paradigm shift, where we begin to develop skills that are relevant to the world our students will live in. Technology covers more professions every day and it is even more necessary to have trained people to fill these jobs. From there, it is that we begin to innovate in education, transforming what is learned and how our students learn.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Developing 21st century skills. Our students today more than ever need an education according to their interests and personal motivations, through active learning, based on inquiry and project-based learning with SDG goals and emotional education, we have allowed them to build their knowledge; and at the same time with meaning in their lives; that promotes meaningful learning. An example in STEM is that we have a digital manufacturing laboratory (FABLAB) where teachers and students use technology for learning in a creative way, being students they are the center of the learning experience through research, experimentation and creation of projects. We use technology throughout K-12 and we are constantly adapting to the context and needs of our students and the society. The use of technology is not only in a subject, it is integral to every subject (science, mathematics, biology, arts, language, english as a second language, including Yoga).

How has it been spreading?

Our innovation began with the inclusion of various workshops, outside of the traditional curriculum. Then, we began to include these workshops in the most technological subjects and we began to obtain various learning results. Four years ago, we inaugurated our FABLAB and there we began to mainstream the use of technologies in all our subjects, realizing that we were bringing learning closer and making it more concrete.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

The various families that live in our sector can enroll their students in our school and thus educate their children with this new innovative system. In addition, you can follow us on all our social networks and see all the activities that we carry out in our school.

Spread of the innovation

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