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A community of global educators moving beyond the triage of re-opening C19 schools, to blue-sky thinking about the future of learning

Leadership Lemonade

London, United Kingdom
In June 2020, HundrED ambassadors Alex Bell & Karine George convened a group of global school leaders to support their navigation of post-covid school reopening and to build a movement moving away from all that was hindering their children pre-pandemic and seizing the opportunity to build their school, their community and childhood itself back better.

Covid gave lemons. Let's make lemonade solutions!

Alex Bell, Karine George & Mike Bond - Co-founders of Leadership Lemonade
“Covid gave school leaders all over the world a huge pile of lemons. In seeking a better world post-Covid, it's time for educators to start making lemonade - that's right for them and the world. ”

Alex Bell, Karine George & Mike Bond - Co-founders of Leadership Lemonade

What we do?

We provide a unique video conference group space  for global school leaders to support and learn from each other post Covid-19 lockdown. We

Why we do it?

From the start of 2020, month by month schools around the world shut down in response to Covid 19. By the middle of the year, country by country, class by class they started the process of reopening. 

With so much uncertainty and conflicting advice at levels above school leaders and  yet their school own communities needing reassurance and clear solutions for their families, we created Leadership Lemonade as a safe space for school leaders to discuss their own practical challenges, support each other and be supported by experienced and expert coaches to find their own solutions as well as practical and inspirational advice from global peers.  

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Leadership Lemonade meets regularly to allow school leaders globally to convene as a solution-focused support group combining group coaching, global guest speakers & blue-sky provocations pivoting practical operational challenges of the legacy of Covid 19 lockdown into tangible solutions glocally
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