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Language Explorers

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Every Language Matters!

Language Explorers is an award-winning language awareness initiative for children of all ages. The programme encourages a multilingual approach to teaching and learning, and allows children to use their home languages in the school environment. Language Explorers workshops are flexible, and they are primarily based on creative activities. Therefore, they suit every class, environment and school!



HundrED shortlisted this innovation

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November 22nd, 2022

About the innovation

What is the Language Explorers?

Language Explorers is unique: it is the only programme that focuses on linguistic diversity to promote intercultural dialogue, while increasing children's interest in the languages spoken in their community.

For the classroom

  • Language Explorer workshops form a “crash course” in linguistics, in which children discover the origins of words, recognise sounds of familiar and unfamiliar languages, learn new words from many different languages and reach a deeper understanding of the languages they use in school and at home.
  • Using language as a tool: Through interactive games, art making, singing, storytelling and creative writing, children become aware of their own language abilities. 
  • The workshops are designed to raise awareness of linguistic diversity in the classroom and in the community and to promote an interest in language learning. 
  • Workshops are delivered in preschools, primary and secondary schools as well as community centres and libraries.

The objective is not to teach foreign languages, but to allow children to make use of all the languages they know, even if they only know a few words.

The goals of Language Explorers are to encourage children to embrace all languages positively, to be proud of and share their heritage, and to respect and value diversity!

For teachers

  • Language Explorers also provides training for teachers who want to implement this approach in their own school.
  • Check out our Idea Lab with ideas for the classroom and local initiatives that aim at fostering linguistic diversity.
  • The Language Explorers Activity book is an essential resource for teachers who want to embrace a multilingual approach in their teaching. 
  • Language Explorers activities were filmed by the National Council for Curriculum and Assessment to showcase good practice in primary schools.

Language Explorers is an award-winning initiative by Mother Tongues, an organization that aims to raise awareness of the benefits and challenges associated with bilingualism. 

Spread of the innovation

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