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We created an online school that aims to connect families all over the world based on SDGs content, technology but most importantly, the core element is to build an innovative "Family community" that enables not only students to be part of the world challenges but parents that can learn from each other and lead talents into these phases of uncertainty and resiliency.

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Updated on October 2nd, 2021
about the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Our consultancy group "Radix Education" has been working in education for more than 20 years with a group of passionate people in learning, learning through play, and new teaching processes. During the pandemic, we got many calls from our friends asking us to build a school that brings our expertise and that offers new opportunities to families that want to explore innovative ways for their kids.

How does your innovation work in practice?

In the last year, families have moved for spending more time in their home during the pandemic, families want more educational offerings to use in their home, families are disappointed in the current switch from in-person to online, many of the current curricula does not make kids aware of the problems of the world at a young age, families do not have a guide to navigate quality educational content. Post-COVID families will still seek out a remote learning platform/school. All these assumptions built by experts in education are our guide and evidence that leverage the Kinich team to create this school, to build partnerships with learning content that has outstanding contents. Because today Kinich is the sum of networks and a specialized team that is looking to work and learn from kids, as to bring parents into a world that we all can connect and share ideas, thoughts, and cultures.

How has it been spreading?

We have built a community in which we have families that live in different places in Mexico and now looking to enter the US market, but also to invite families from other parts of the world to be part of the best global online school. Our aim is to become a global community where all the families can share their best way of parenting, but also their best parenting practices. We are convinced that in any learning process the adults should find a common understanding for those kids that will be the decision-makers of the future.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

You can go to the website and ask for a session. Our coaches are prepared to give a demonstrative learning session in English and Spanish:


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