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Enabling learner sovereignty, mobility and agency.

Equity and skills gaps are growing globally, and the explosion of AI has only added fuel to the fire. We need solutions that prioritize people and public goods over profits. LearnCard, a free and open source software developer kit (SDK), offers learners and earners an interoperable, standards-based digital wallet that prioritizes agency, equity, and economic mobility.



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Target group
May 2024
We hope to see a fundamental shift in education and employment systems and infrastructure globally, and believe there are changes to the current paradigm which can/will enable greater mobility, agency and opportunity for all.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

LearnCard was created to enable learner sovereignty, mobility and agency. Education infrastructure and technology is often created for the purpose of monetizing personal data. We saw the need for a new suite of public goods that prioritize data dignity and put learners and earners at the center.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

LearnCard is a free and open source solution that has been deployed in a variety of contexts, and has been proven to provide learner sovereignty, mobility and agency. Deployment details, efficacy research, and more can be found here:

How has it been spreading?

Achievements include deployments with LEGO Foundation (SuperSkills), the World Organization of the Scout Movement (ScoutPass), Motlow Community College, TN (Metaversity) and a wide range of smaller scale use cases and projects. We also recently launched the LearnCard network, which enables modular integration partners such as SmartResume. More here:

More on ScoutPass here:

Other key milestones found here:

Within the next few years, we hope to scale deployments globally, broaden our impact research base, and launch a range of new features integrating AI, consent flows, and deeper web3 protocols and plugins.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Learn more and setup a consultation call here:

Access the Repo and Docs here:

Implementation steps

Download LearnCard
Download the LearnCard App (iOS/Android) or visit
Create Your LearnCard
Sign up using your preferred method (Web3Auth). You’ll use this to log in to your LearnCard on any device! (don’t worry, we don’t send you any emails!)
Customize Your Account
Click the profile icon; Click ‘Account’, below your name; Change your account name and profile picture.
Issue and/or Claim Boosts
Using Boost, you can create a portfolio of your achievements!
Select ‘Boost’
Click ‘New Boost’
You can choose to Boost Yourself, or Someone Else.
Select the type of Boost.
Title the Boost, customize, and share any ‘Media Attachments’
Select Publish & Issue
Share Your LearnCard
Selectively share your digital portfolio (i.e. LearnCard) with relevant parties:
Click 'Share My LearnCard'
Choose: Guardians, Teachers, Tutors, Peers, Schools, Employers, etc.

Spread of the innovation

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