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Everybody can write a story!

Kidory is a web tool developed with a pedagogical perspective to help children improve their communication, collaboration, creativity, empathy, digital literacy and language skills. The web tool has various story templates. These templates address different themes from space to the global issues. Children use the images in these templates to imagine a specific story to write.


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March 2021
Every child speaks, imagines and tells us interesting stories when they are supported... Let them flourish...

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Our dream was to provide children with the specific web tool to create and write their own stories because as teachers we observe that every child has a big potential to unleash within. By our thematically designed templates we did want to offer them to flourish their creativity together with their peers, parents and friends..

How does your innovation work in practice?

The main purpose of the study is to promote children's creative writing skills. Creative writing studies can be done individually or in teams by using the themes we designed within this framework.
Our current story templates include;
23rd April Children Fest,
Space and Environment,
Ankara View themes
Students, individually or as a team, interpret the visuals on the templates and carry out creative writing activities. The templates allow different stories to be produced. You can easily use this web tool in the classroom or home environment, teacher or family guided to promote pupils 21st century skills especially creativity and collaboration.
“Kidory” also organizes tutorials for teachers on how to use the web page. Lesson plan examples are presented to teachers in these trainings. In projects carried out for children, it is possible to convert the project outputs into templates on the “Kidory” web page. Thus, it contributes to the sustainability of the projects.

How has it been spreading?

Recently we have contributed to 2 important projects namely “23 April Children Fest” and “Art Workshops with the Ankara View”. For these projects specific templates were designed for the sustainability of the projects.
We expand our network by providing teacher training webinars together with NGOs. We organize online workshops in education sector in frame of K12, an also of the universities especially with faculties of education. We also provide mentoring to teachers for their projects like etwinning and creative writing lessons etc.
By contacting the NGOs that carry out projects related to children, we ensure that “Kidory” templates are added to the project outputs and reach the target audience of the projects.
Additionally, we are active in social media for communication.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

The web tool has multilingual structure* of the creative writing tool templates, offering good practices for users. For cooperation please visit our web site www.sendeyaz.net. By using Google translator you can easily access to the the story templates and start writing your stories, which are saved to your own library and downloadable as PDF.
*English and Arabic language options provided soon.


17 digital story templates based on the axis of social-emotional skills will be developed as part of this study, which aims to integrate the Sustainable Development Goals first into classrooms and then into the lives of children and parents. These templates will be incorporated into the curriculum for the 2023–2024 academic year along with the teacher training conducted by Kidory.
Kidory, the new name of Sendeyaz, is here. Now it's time to reach the children of the world.
Little Writers Big Stories Project
With our "Little Writers Big Stories" project supported by the European Union Sivil Düşün Program, we reached 1000 children studying in rural areas and completed our project. There are now 1000 new junior writers. 
Blue Planet
How can you talk about the kids about the real problems of the world like climate change and pollution and teach them sustainability. We think the best way is collaborative storytelling and writing. With this template we aim at helping children to understand the human factor and responsibility for the future of our Blue Planet in the frame of socio-emotional learning.
The April 23 Festival
This template points out the activities carried out within the scope of 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day in Turkey during the Covid-19. The April 23 Festival, accepted as a first children's festival in the world, has been celebrated for years. Determining the activities carried out within the scope of the festival is important in terms of evaluating the kids’ enthusiasm in 3H; hope, happiness and hospitality.  
Ankara View
This template was prepared in cooperation with the Sen De Yaz team within the scope of the "Art Workshops with The Ankara View Project" financed by Netherlands Embassy in order for project sustainability. This template is suitable for the activities of students' cognitive, sensory and psycho-motor movement areas. These events are designed based on the Ankara Landscape table registered in the Netherlands Amsterdam Rijksmuseum inventory. In this framework, it is aimed that students can design fictional characters and stories together based on the space or objects in the table.
Friendship for Everyone
This template, suggested especially for the kids ages between 04-06 years old we point out emotions, through the facial expressions of the characters during our workshops. Friendship, empathy and helping each other are among the other topics we focus on. In primary levels story construction like place, time and plot together with interpretation and writing skills can be emphasized.

Spread of the innovation

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