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Instill Education Platform

Driving educator development & support through online bite-sized content & crowd coaching

Our platform, Upskill, has been developed with the objective of providing support for educators to access a network of peers & leaders through crowd coaching methodology. Our platform allows for personal growth, continued skills development which contributes to the positive outcomes and impact for students and their educational journey which should prepare them for the future



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June 2022
Instill is an innovative partner & have programming that meets the needs of educators in all stages of their career cycle. They recognise that application is key for instruction & coaching for skills.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Teacher certification & workforce development in Africa has an access, quality, & coherence problem that impacts the educators in the system & the students they support. There is the importance of focusing on providing support to teachers & educational organisations with the vision of building & growing an educational workforce, through skills & leadership development & to support career mobility.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

The online platform provides key benefits that address the need for educator support & opportunities which includes advantages to an educator's career & skills development journey. The platform provides relevant & applicable learning content that includes practical application and feedback (through crowd coaching). To support their journey they can create a personal library of their best practices which can be shared and showcase accomplishments through badges. We've seen the impact of combined deliberate practice instruction with ongoing coaching in programming targeting both government and affordable private sector schools.

How has it been spreading?

Through an established network of educational partners, educators & schools. We are growing through established pilots in Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria & South Africa. Due to Covid-19 the immediate need for an online solution that provides accessible bite-sized, high-quality content that incorporates practical application & innovative coaching & feedback that supports teacher delivery, personal growth & skills development through a tech-tool that can track and promote their journey & achievements. We identified through educational bodies & organisations that there are challenges in tracking professional development credentials, skills development outcomes which contributes to social and career mobility barriers for educators & school leaders. Our micro-credentialing platform provides a solution.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

Create a free account, check it out on

For more information, contact us via our website -

Spread of the innovation

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