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Inclusive & Equal Education (IEE)

place Nigeria

Equity and inclusion in education is a principle or policy that provides equal access for all

My name is Lois Auta, CSF founder and CEO. Children with disabilities find it difficult to be admitted in schools due to their disabilities, poverty and inaccessibility. IEE is an idea that is trying to reduce the number of out of school children by enrolling them in schools, by making schools accessible and inclusive and to enable children with disabilities thrive in different ways.


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Target group
May 2023
I hope to see more children with disabilities enrolled in schools, I hope to see more of them being educated and employed after graduation. I also hope to see schools inclusive and accessible.

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The exclusion of the needs of students with disabilities in schools, e.g. ramps, sign language interpreters, school materials in braille, magnifying glasses etc. This moved us to initiate IEE with disabilities to be included in school plans, curriculum and activities. We want to solve the problem of discrimination and underrepresentation of students with disabilities.

What does your innovation look like in practice?

Through policy making, advocacy and service delivery. Yes, we have implemented through direct active engagements with the Gombe State government and the state legislative assembly to facilitate and ensure the legalization of the National Policy on Inclusive Education in Gombe state. This was also aimed at creating a framework for the implementation of the inclusive education policy in the state. Further engagements with the Gombe state government was to ensure the inclusion of reasonable accommodation line items for inclusive education in the state budget for 2023 fiscal year and beyond. The outcomes from these engagements with the organs of the Gombe state government are the development of a Strategic Action plan to guide the implementation of the National policy on inclusive education in the state, the inclusion of reasonable accommodation line items in the 2023 state budget for inclusive education, the mass sensitization and inclusive education funding plan for Gombe State

How has it been spreading?

The implementation of the project also involved engagements community and faith based organizations in Gombe state. The aim of which was to ensure that our advocacy for increased enrollment of children with disabilities in schools permeate to the different communities within Gombe state. The results of these were increased school enrolment rate of children with disabilities in the Gombe state special school. This was attested to by the Principal of the school.

Since the end of the project, CSF has continued to partner and collaborate with the Gombe State Universal Basic Education Board in areas of development of inclusive education manual for teachers in the state. We are also collaborating with the Gombe State Budget Planning and Development Partners Coordination Office.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

They should contact Cedar Seed Foundation founder:
Lois Auta

They should follow these steps:
Write a proposal
Search for donors and partners
Mapp out organizations and stakeholders
Implement all the activities
Monitor and evaluate

Implementation steps

Pre-Project Activation
Write the concept
Pre-Project Activation
Map out CSOs and key actors
Main project implementation
Implement the project activities and methodologies.
Post - Project Activation
Monitor and evaluate the impacts and results

Spread of the innovation

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