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Improve the quality of Counseling Services in Schools and enable clients to follow up after school

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The Essence of Education makes it easy for learners to value education

Pre Counsel through weekly Documenting of performance in class activity. Skills identification of learners is made easy. Counseling follows and Mentality is checked. Post Counsel is effective through broad sheets development of skills done termly. It is cost effective and have great gains. Any who invest in it will benefit alot. It is easy to understand and the method applied is simple.


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Target group
November 22nd, 2022
" We all can fulfill our purpose, if properly guided. Education is not a Scam, it's missing elements which stems from Counseling is not adhered to. This makes it difficult for those who passed throug"
CEO/Founder Noble Blessing Social Work Enterprises BN 2952270

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

The rate of unemployment, poverty and over dependence on some sector of the economy prompted the innovation. In my country Nigeria, graduates believe they have no hope, but there are so many opportunities opened and need to be ventured into.
The second reason is that the area that is meant to carry out this duty is dormant and professionals are used to perform other duties. Education's Essence imp

How does your innovation work in practice?

This innovation works through the use of curriculum, scheme of work, performance of learners. We use an assessment document to help pick out the skills they have acquired in being in their schools. This is the Pre-Counsel stage.
After that the Counseling which is the second stage is characterized in two forms. It occurs in group Counseling, individual counseling or take both part. This will depend on the crowd we wish to attend to as the leadership of the school seems it fit. In this stage reality events are taught and applied. Social Workers professionals will apply this area as it is part of the theories taught while acquiring a bachelor's degree.
The post- Counsel is the third stage were the broadsheet is prepared and parents see it and accept the strength of their wards.
This itself is a guide that keeps the individual Focused.
For clients to keep visiting the Counseling units there is the fourth and fifth stage of Counsel to actually be fulfilled.

How has it been spreading?

So good so far, some schools have shown interest and started to implement. But because of the money involved, they said they need to hold a PTA meeting for presentation. The Ministry of Basic and Secondary Education Uvwie Field Office and Warri South
Field Officee both in Delta State Nigeria have indicated clear interest. Individuals are interested in it and see the benefits. But the COVID19 have caused a lot of set back.
It makes me to start all over again as in some schools, the management team are transfered or are no longer there.
The process is not easy and that is why and how I am sourcing for investors.
It is a business where if you put in #25,000k you are likely to make #75,000k as interest. This is so because the material to do the work cost little and labor too cost little.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

For training, guidance, seminars, Counseling services and workshop Contact : Blessing Ufuoma Ogodogu
Phone No: 08063711625
Email: bogodogu@gmail.com
Other materials are available.

Spread of the innovation

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