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If you are a teacher...

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You could include, motivate and evaluate if you are a teacher.

Teaching itself is an interesting and challenging ongoing process․ It is extremely important not only in the framework of public standards, but also of a meaningful change. By using motivational formative assessment tools each student and course could be carried out with the emphasize on getting feedback to improve their learning, re-teaching and moving forward.


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Target group
November 22nd, 2022
Challenge without overwhelming, set clear goals and give feedback.
PhD researcher, COAF Education Programs Manager, Author, Avid learner

About the innovation

Why did you create this innovation?

Before thinking of innovation I eagerly was trying to convince educators, teachers that motivation and assessment really matter.
And after a while the idea of creating ethical, motivational manual came to mind with many tool for formatively assessing and engaging each students no matter their special education needs or behavior. I decided to share this after monitoring and improving procedures.

How does your innovation work in practice?

The methodology of motivating and assessing students is built on some check lists, tools which could be used during each session no matter students' age or subject. It is a mindset, such as building a classroom worth investing in, uncovering and addressing the reasons students resist, reflecting and brainstorming, sharing learning expectations.

How has it been spreading?

The main achievement on this approach is sharing via online or face-to-face sessions, co-teaching and project-based learning.

If I want to try it, what should I do?

The book is open for audience though it has limitation on language, it is in Armenian as there is a few resources in Armenian.
If there is a need of spreading in English I will be happy to do.

Spread of the innovation

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