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This innovation aimed on constructing I.C.T training center for youth , care givers and teachers in one district of kigali city


Kigali, Rwanda
Under this project an I.C.T training center will be built in one district of kigali city where all teachers,youth and caregivers will be getting training of i.c.t from that center , computers,cameras,scanners,photocopiers.......will be there and this center will be offering free training for youth and teachers for youth special training like film making ,Video production will also be offered

I.C.T training center for success

Founder and director of Kigali peace club
“We empower and inspire people for transforming communities . we train teachers and youth . we assist Vulnerable children”

Founder and director of Kigali peace club

We are member of kigali peace club an organisation in Rwanda who believe that I.C.T is one of the powerful tools that can contribute to our education success, most of kigali peace club members are teachers and mentor trainers in charge of training teachers,we are member of RENCP ( Rwanda Education NGOs coordination platform )where over 90 organisation work together to improve quality of education,we are working with RENCP/ E.C.D working group.

We would like to start an I.C.T training center in one district of kigali city and we will start by constructing the center in six month after all necessary materials will be brought and be organized ,teachers and care givers will be trained about different programs of computers like Excel,word, internet ....while youth will be trained about those programs plus video making and film production, in the first year 300 teachers and caregivers will be trained and get free personal computers, for implementing this project kigali peace club seeks $ 400000 from donors.

we hope this we solve some of our educational problems becouse teachers will be aware of using computers , have access on them and it will be easy to teach them our students at school or making other reseach, youth and other people in the community will have access to I.C.T tools and services hence a great contribution to the community development.

during three last years we were training teachers about methodology and English advocating for Vulnerable children now we want to introduce I.C.T in our programs as we have seen it is very important.

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Innovation Overview
Target Group
Tips for implementation
constructing the center,buy and organize all materials including I.C.T tools inform local leaders about cervices that will be offered at that center, inform educators around the center then after start activities in first years three hundred teachers and caregivers will be trained and get computers.
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i . C. T rooms will all materials will be in this center


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I.C.T training center for success
Under this project an i.c.t center will be built within six month ,this will be a place where teachers, caregivers and youth will be getting training of I.C.T from, this center will have all necessary materials for i.c.t training and it will have enough rooms for different activities .
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