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Hub School 21

Hub School 21 aims to reinvent education in the 21st century by creating & connecting schools with fulfilled children, authors of change

Hub School 21 opened a Primary & Secondary itinerary School in Sept 2017 near Paris with a new cultural approach based on: -The pleasure of learning -Being open to the world and creating value -Intergenerational exchanges and mutual enrichment -Creating the right balance heart - body - mind. Our first school is an international innovative educational laboratory connected to communities around.


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April 2018

About the innovation

Hub School 21 is a project of collective intelligence that reinvents education in the 21st century

How do we counteract school failure and lack of interest ?

How do we help childrento address the challengesof today’s world?

4 pillars at Hub School 21 :

- Learning by doing: a change of posture between children and teachers using flipped class and learning by singing, travelling, cooking, meeting,...

- Positive psychology: a caring environment to strenghten self-confidence & success

- Openness to the world: children participate in building a sustainable planet and

- Hard & soft skills: Positive assessment including self-evaluation, peer-to-peer evaluation to reinforce academical achievments, relational & emotional skills

We think that education should not be limited to academic teaching methods. We are developing an holistic approach taking the children’s needs into account and moving around to learn (in the city, in Nature, in companies, in France & abroad).

Excellence is what we are aiming for :

Pedagogical tools at the forefront of innovation

Recognised experts in our staff

Work overseen by educational sciences specialists

Multilingual environment

Our itinerary school breaks down barriers between spaces, subjects and ages : small groups, intergenerational activities, phenomenon based learning, links with companies, other schools, cultural and natural spaces.

We are sharing and improving our educational project with an international technological watch.

Fanny Peissik, curious and committed founder, is convinced that school and teaching methods must be changed to train the 21st century’s citizens.

Around Hub School 21 she has federated a powerful team of more than 150 changemakers: a sophrologist, several teachers, experts in education such as researchers, entrepreneurs, students, volunteers, retired…

Each of them wants to give meaning to learning and enable children to reveal their talents in a fulfilling environment. They participate in creating a hub of innovators to move the lines of education worldwide.

Spread of the innovation

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